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Sagging, uneven floors over dirt crawl spaces are very common in the Atlanta, GA area. The floor system and the subfloor are supported by concrete piers that are placed in the ground before the home is built. Due to the conditions of the crawl space — namely high humidity levels and often, poor drainage — these concrete piers will settle, shift or lean, withdrawing support from the floor system. Symptoms of this type of problem include bouncy, creaky, sagging floors and drywall cracks, especially around the corners of windows and doors. To fix that problem, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions offers the SmartJack System, composed of high capacity, high strength adjustable steel posts. After determining the area that needs to be supported, the jacks are installed in their own footing. SmartJack piers can not only stabilize and support the floor structure, in many cases they can also be used to lift the floor back to level position. The SmartJack System, just like all other foundation products provided by AquaGuard, is a permanent solution and comes with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

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