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Your basement floor is a porous, concrete slab that sits directly against wet dirt. Ground water is always seeping through that slab, even if the basement looks dry. When you lay carpet, wood floors, laminates, or any type of flooring that is made with organic and absorbent materials, they will soak up that water and over time, mold begins to develop. ThermalDry Basement Flooring is specifically designed for basements, as they are 100% waterproof and inorganic. They will not get damaged by contact with water, and will not support mold growth. These floating and interlocking tiles can be installed directly over the slab. A system of pegs on the underside of the tiles raise the walking surface from the slab, creating an air pocket that allows slab moisture to dissipate and dry while providing a thermal break as well. The surface of the tile will be always an averaged of 10 degrees warmer than the concrete floor. ThermalDry Tiles come in different colors and three different finishes: vinyl tiles, faux wood parquet, and carpet — to match any finished basement’s décor.

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