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Tom DiGregorio reminds listeners that even though there is a 3rd of the rain fall, structural problems are correctable to create more energy-efficiency conditions in your home and prepare for any structural damage caused by the high humidity and very dry soil conditions.

While the dry weather keeps basements dry, unfortunately there is additional stress on your home’s foundation. Where the soil is so dried out, it will pull away from the footing, the sides of foundation walls, and might create settlement problems – where the dirt can’t hold the load of the home anymore.

With high heat and very high humidity conditions this will wreak havoc on crawl spaces with mold growth and excessive energy bills trying to cool your homes.

Also, houses might be more susceptible to leaking if a big rain should come. Because the soil is pulling away from the wall, when there is some rain, the ground will push up against the wall to create leaks, and increased pressure on block walls causing them to bow and or blow out if they’ve already developed cracks.


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