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On a recent airing of the Home Fix It Show with Dave Baker, Tom DiGregorio talked about expanding soils and the damaging effect on foundations.

Dave Baker and Tom also answered questions from homeowners. One caller asked about building a home close to a flood plain. Tom outlined some important considerations for this caller, including building on stable soil, installing superior interior and exterior waterproofing systems.

Another caller asked about a bowing and cracked wall in his basement. Tom proposed the easiest solution would be to use a Wall Anchoring system to prevent more inward movement. Over time, this solution can straighten and prevent any more bowing, all without having to excavate.

Lastly, Tom explained that home owners should consider encapsulating their crawl spaces, especially with the humid months fast approaching! Most vented crawl spaces experience conditions of 70-80-90+ % relative humidity. AquaGuard has been encapsulating crawl spaces for a decade. Tom offers that it is one of the best whole house investments in the home: saving homeowners up to 20% on heating and cooling costs, preventing more mold growth, and eliminating nasty smells.

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