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Select Page | 1-888-479-1203 Meet Tom DiGregorio, owner of Aquaguard Foundation Solutions, and Atlanta’s most reputable expert in “All Things Foundations!”™. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has been providing foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space encapsulation services in North Georgia, serving the entire Atlanta Metro area, Marietta, Decatur, Alpharetta and Norcross. In this video, Tom and Joe address one of the most frequently asked questions concerning basement waterproofing. Why do previously dry basements suddenly start to leak? Joe explains that in order for a basement to be built, a hole must be dug in the ground and after the basement walls are built or poured, the gap around the exterior is backfilled. That backfill soil is loose and will never be as compact as the undisturbed portion of the terrain around it. As a result, it absorbs more water, which tends to pool next to the foundation walls, creating a high false water table. In industry, this is called the “clay bowl effect”. In order to address that problem, builders install what is commonly known as French Drain, or Weeping Tile: lines of perforated PVC or corrugated pipes next to the footing. They are meant to collect ground water and divert it away from the foundation, usually using a sump pump, thus keeping the water from building up and entering your basement. When mixed with the ground water, silt, mud and debris also get into the pipes, and overtime, the drain tiles clog, rendering the system useless. That is the main reason why most basements that have been historically dry will suddenly start to leak. To learn more about wet basement problems and solutions, watch our other videos, visit our website, or contact us for a free, in-home inspection and quote.

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