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Foundation settlement problems are no laughing matter. It can be frightening to realize that your precious home — and most likely your biggest asset — is slowly, but surely sinking into the ground. When that happens, it is only natural to ask what went wrong, and who is to blame, especially when the home is newly built. The truth is that foundation settlement problems can happen at any time, to new and old homes alike, and are often Mother Nature’s fault. Joe Rusk, explains that foundation settlement problems are caused by three main conditions: poorly compacted soil, soil that is too wet, or soil that is too dry. When builders level the soil to prepare it for construction, areas of poorly compacted soil underneath the house will eventually settle, and so will the foundation. When the soil is too wet, it loses its ability to support the foundation and when it is too dry, especially in Georgia where red clay soils are so prevalent, the soil will shrink, pulling away from the foundation and withdrawing support from the structure. The good news is that as scary as they may seem, if foundation settlement problems are addressed as soon as they are noticed very often they can be quickly, permanently, and affordably solved with the state-of-the-art foundation repair systems available exclusively through AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, in North Georgia. To learn more about foundation settlement and available solutions, watch our other videos, visit our website or contact us to schedule a free, in-home inspection.

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