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With the winter fast approaching, Tom DiGregorio of AquaGuard Foundation Solutions discusses a few tips homeowners can do to keep the home a little warmer on those upcoming cold and wintry days. Tom starts off by explaining how traditional wood-burning fireplaces actually lose more energy than they produce. He suggests making a transition to gas logs and for longer term benefits a transition to natural gas or propane lit fireplaces.

Tom also suggests sealing up all the leaky structures around the home, such as the windows and doors with caulk or foam to keep the conditioned air (that you pay for) inside the home for longer periods of time. Lastly,
Tom talks about how living above an un-insulated crawl space can be a huge problem for homeowners because of the tremendous amount of energy that is wasted. He suggests encapsulating the crawl space to reduce your home heating and cooling costs, as well as improve the quality of the air circulating your home.

Turn your energy leaking home into a cozy and comfortable environment with AquaGuard Foundation Solutions. They provide their award-winning and state-of-the-art home improvement services to residents all throughout Metro Atlanta, including Marietta, Decatur and other nearby cities of Northern Georgia.

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