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Getting Ready for Basement Finishing

An unfinished basement is like an empty palette: ready to be filled with what’s stored in your imagination. But, like a good painting, the best finished basements come with a little planning and preparation beforehand.

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we have the training and professional experience you’re looking for to complete your basement finishing! We’ll walk you through each step of finishing your basement, beginning with a fully customized basement finishing quote! To schedule an appointment, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

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Four Steps to Take Before a Basement Finishing

Creating a dry, humidity free space — and finishing it with long-lasting, quality materials — is the key to finishing a basement properly. A little planning and preparation beforehand can potentially save you a bundle of money (and a big headache) several years down the road.

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we recommend taking these four steps before any basement finishing work begins:


AddA flooded basement showing groundwater intrusion in Atlantaress All Sources of Standing Water

Home inspector Bill Loden of Madison, Alabama put it best when he said, “If there are ten things wrong with a house, 15 of them have to do with water.”

While our products are made to withstand mold, moisture, and humidity, the furniture and other items in your finished basement may not fare as well in a flood.

If your basement is flooding, a great first step to protect your basement from this potential disaster is to clean your gutters, regrade the soil outside, and install a waterproofing system in your basement. A full perimeter drainage system, sump pump, and battery backup can help you rest easy.

ElimiAn ENERGY STAR® Rated basement dehmidifier installed in a home in Mariettanate Humidity From the Space

Even when a basement has no visible signs of flooding, it can still be vulnerable to humidity. This humidity can be a result of air leaks, ventilation, or it can simply be from water vapor that passes through the pores of the concrete walls and floors.

Installing a basement dehumidifier is an excellent way to address this humidity, provided that the system can circulate air throughout the space, and it’s powerful enough to do the job.

Our SaniDry™ XP Dehumidifier is a high-efficiency, low-maintenance solution to any potential humidity in a basement. House the unit in a closet, ducting it into your basement while operating it via a wall-mounted panel.

Consider How Much Space You’d LiAn unfinished basement filled with clutter in

Most homeowners do not plan on finishing the entire basement. Instead, a portion of the basement is usually set aside as a utility area where your water heater, furnace, and other utilities are located.

Many homeowners also designate an additional section of their basement to serve as a laundry room and/or storage area.

If you’d like to upgrade the appearance of these spaces without actually finishing them, we have products that can do that for you too — such as our insulated Zenwall™ Basement Wall System. Our waterproof basement flooring is also a great option for laundry rooms and storage areas.

Plan Your Rooms Around ObstaclesA cleaned out basement in Lawrenceville, shown before remodeling has begun

Basements are unique spaces that provide remodelers with challenges that aren’t found anywhere else.

When remodeling your basement, your experts will have to consider challenges such as limited ceiling height, staircase locations, and where your utilities are placed in the basement.

Windows are also a unique challenge for remodelers — as you won’t want a wall built in a way that it intersects with a window location.

In the case of basement bedrooms, these windows may need to be developed for egress access (an emergency exit) to meet local and state building codes.

We Can Transform Your Basement into a Finished Space!

We want to help you maximize the value, comfort, and enjoyment of your home by upgrading your basement into an exciting new living area! Your specialist can model your basement on our innovative 3-D software, working with you to customize a remodeling plan that’s ideal for you.

A typical basement remodeling can be done quickly in your home — with our in-house installation and basement finishing crews typically completing all work in less than 10 day’s time. You’ll love how quickly our professionals can bring your vision to life!

It cost you nothing to meet with a specialist for a basement finishing quote! Each free quote includes an on-site inspection and measurement, a professional consultation where we answer any questions you may have, and a 3-D customized finishing plan. To schedule your appointment, contact us by phone or e-mail today!

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