Wall Crack Repair

As the concrete wall cures, its volume shrinks. Over time shifting, settling, and soil expansion also occurs. These processes cause stress on the concrete, and the wall cracks to relieve the stress. This is to be anticipated and is usually not a structural risk. These non-structural cracks are typically nearly vertical in nature and ½” wide or less.

Although they may not pose a structural risk, they still need to be repaired to prevent leaking and water damage in your basement. Polyurethane foam injections provide a long-term solution—one that is flexible enough to permanently fix the crack even if the wall continues to move. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions was a pioneer in the use of polyurethane foam injection to repair residential wall cracks, and has many years of experience in the use of various foam injection methods of repair.

Before we repair foundation cracks we evaluate what happened that made the crack in the foundation wall appear, and see if there is an underlying cause that requires a different solution. If our assessment determines that polyurethane injections will work for your concrete walls, we will prepare our polyurethane foam to fill the crack and seal it permanently. If our assessment determines the crack is structural in nature, we will recommend other processes for proper, permanent repair.

Polyurethane foam expands to fill the entire crack not only on the inside of your wall, but all the way through the wall and from top to bottom as well. The polyurethane will even expand to fill voids in the soil that could be causing problems.

At AquaGuard we take the repair of basement cracks seriously. We will determine the true source of the problem and ensure that the repair is done correctly and permanently, so you won’t have to worry about it again. If you have any questions or you would like to schedule a free estimate, please call us today.

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