It is a dehumidifier - but it is not just any dehumidifier. The reviews on this specific dehumidifier are astounding. Any homeowner with any amount of humidity levels loves the SaniDry XP.

The SaniDry XP is a high-capacity, high-efficiency dehumidification system with an air filtration system. All of these great functions come in just one simple machine! The SaniDry not only eliminates the moisture from your basement air, but it also has a powerful blower that moves the air out and into the rest of your basement. The newly dried air continues to dry your basement's building materials and contents. This makes the musty smell and damp feeling disappear!

Another great feature of the SaniDry is the fact that you never have to empty any buckets of water because it will automatically drain into your WaterGuard system or sump pump. AquaGuard installs a great SuperSump to ensure that the water from your dehumidifier does not remain (or leak back into) your basement.

How does the SaniDry work so efficiently and effectively?

  • It blows air over a huge cold coil. Other dehumidifiers only have dinky spiral coils.
  • The SaniDry precools the incoming wet air and recaptures energy.
  • It has a powerful 250 cfm blower to not only grab the air more quickly, but also to move the dry air out and around your basement to dry the contents of your entire space (not just the corner where the dehumidifier is plugged in).

Why do regular household dehumidifiers fail at their jobs?

  • They are too small.
  • The cold coils are too small.
  • The fan is too small.
  • The fan does not circulate the dry air around your crawl space- because it is too small.
  • They do not drain automatically, so once the bucket fills up (which it will very quickly because it is too small), the machine will shut off.

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