A TripleSafe sump pump is a top-of-the-line system that sports three sump pumps in one sump line.

  1. Pump one is a high-quality Zoeller 1/3 hp pump and will do the largest share of the pumping. Even though it does the majority of the pumping, it is still extremely efficient.
  2. Pump two is a ½ hp Zoeller pump set a bit higher in the sump hole. This pump turns on in the event that the first pump cannot keep up with the incoming water (or if the first pump were to fail). Pump two is much more powerful and has a separate discharge line to give you an extra ‘turbo boost' in those rare cases that you need it.
  3. Pump 3 is an "UltraSump." It is battery operated; therefore, it will kick on if the power goes out. It is available with one or two specially designed 120-amp, maintenance-free batteries to pump over 24,000 gallons of water.

  • Unfortunately, nearly all suppliers of back-up equipment do not supply batteries because batteries are heavy, expensive, and difficult to ship. Instead, suppliers usually leave it to the contractor to go to the automotive store and buy a car battery. Car batteries ARE NOT made for this application. Other suppliers provide expensive back-up pumping systems with batteries that need maintenance about every 6 months. So, if you do not remember to check your battery, you may be out of luck the next time a heavy rain comes. AquaGuard takes full responsibility for your sump pump system and provides you with a battery that will be reliable even with the heaviest of rains. AquaGuard's sealed, maintenance-free batteries are the only sensible and dependable option.
  • Float switches are also extremely important. The best pump needs to have a switch to tell it when to go on and off. AquaGuard's highly developed technology does all of this and more.

Along with the actual sump pump, the TripleSafe has a twin liner, lids, CleanPump Stands, a bridge, and more that are all specially engineered to work together to ensure the dryness of your basement.

No pump or back- up pump is perfect. But AquaGuard tries to provide its customers with the best protection. TripleSafe is specifically engineered to do what we want it to do to give homeowners the most efficient and reliable product possible.


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