A ‘Smart' Sump is a high quality sump system that is essential for every basement and/or crawlspace! It includes a perforated sump liner, a reliable pump system, an alarm, a pump stand, a check valve, and an airtight lid with a floor drain.
sump pump installed into foundation
‘Smart' Sumps are specially designed for crawlspaces. They pump the unwanted water out of the crawlspace automatically. There are few other important elements to a proper sump installation in your crawl space or basement:

  • A ‘Stand" for the pump: a stand will elevate the pump off the bottom of the sump liner. This allows for settlement or sediment, mud, debris, or gravel to wash into the liner more efficiently. It prevents clogging that would otherwise affect the function of the pump.

sump pump installed into foundation with sewage pipe

  • Pump alarms: If your sump pump failed, would our crawlspace flood? With a pump alarm, your crawlspace will be protected from any pump failure. The patented WaterWatch alarm tells you when there is a problem, giving you the opportunity to fix the problem before it causes even larger problems.

sump pump installed into foundation with sewage pipe

Provide for plumbing leaks- a ‘smart' sump is the solution to any plumbing leaks. It is a floor drain with an airtight lid- that means, that water will go down it, but does not let the damp air rise.

sump pump installed into foundation with sewage pipes

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