We Serve and Empower our Employees

Because Happy, Empowered Employees Help Create Happy Customers

Bad jobs, bad bosses, and bad companies exist everywhere. For many companies, employees are simply seen as a means to an end. They exist as a way for the company to make money, essentially amounting to nothing more than a number or a cog in the machine. 

Many reading this have likely had work done on their own homes by a contractor…or know someone who has. And how often can we say that those experiences have been stellar? Seldom, we suspect, if at all. In fact, when most homeowners work with contractors, they feel like they are an inconvenience, almost an afterthought. It’s not uncommon to experience contractors who don’t show up on time (if at all), don’t leave an estimate, don’t return calls, don’t clean up after themselves, and the list could go on. And do you know the saddest part of that? As homeowners, we’ve come to believe that mediocre service is okay – that it’s acceptable. 

We think that’s ridiculous. We believe the homeowner experience can and should be more. We envision a world where every single ‘touch’ from the contractor not only exceeds expectations but creates new expectations for how a homeowner should be treated. We see a world where every employee who works for a contractor understands and believes at their core that the customer is, in fact, the reason for being. 

Many contractors view the customer experience as purely transactional in nature. The contractor will come in, do the work, perhaps use inferior products or an inferior solution, and quickly move on, all in an effort to finish the job and collect the check. Then when a problem exists later and the homeowner attempts to contact the contractor to fix it, they are long gone. 

We believe in a world where the customer is deeply cared for and builds a long-term relationship with their contractor. We see a world where the work is done right the first time, with the highest-quality materials, by trained employees who deliver the best customer experience, and with a permanent warranted solution. We believe the bar for an exceptional customer experience can be set so high, that mediocrity in the contracting world is simply no longer accepted or tolerated.

Customer Service
Team AquaGuard

That’s why we invest in ongoing training from the top-down. Our aim is to empower each and every AquaGuard employee to understand, strive towards and fulfill both our company’s and their individual purpose. We expect our employees to work hard and thus bestow the gift of high expectations upon them. But we also recognize that hard work without recognition or opportunities for growth can lead to frustration or burnout. Thus, we proudly praise our employees – our true difference makers – and tirelessly invest both time and resources into each and every one of the awesome members that comprise our AquaGuard family. That’s also why we continually strive to create and fulfill many leadership positions from within, for we feel there’s no greater way to empower our employees than to perpetually motivate them to elevate their game…and to be rewarded accordingly upon proving their merit.

Whether you’re in the Office or Sales, on a Production or Warehouse crew or taking care of customers long after their home is repaired in Service, you matter at AquaGuard. You not only matter, but you can make a difference, and we assure you, as you make a difference for the customers and within the communities you serve, the opportunities to grow within the AquaGuard family are endless. At AquaGuard, we don’t just want you to come to work, have a  job or collect a paycheck. We want to enable a better life for you and your loved ones, find and enact your purpose, and sustain a gratifying career in which you know you’ve given it your all and positively impacted the lives of those you’ve served.