While drainage systems are put in, it is a great idea to also focus on the walls of the basement. Your basement walls allow water vapor to pass through them - not even block walls are safe from this vapor. If your basement is humid and you have had to upgrade its drainage system, odds are that the walls in your basement are damp, stained, chalky, flaky, and quite honestly, probably ugly.

There are solutions to these basement wall issues- you could coat, panel, or put up vapor barriers to guarantee a moisture-free space. AquaGuard recommends great solutions for any homeowner who is waterproofing their space- ZenWall, BrightWall, and CleanSpace.

ZenWall paneling is great for homeowners who are looking for a finished look without fully finishing their basement. ZenWall panels are ¼" thick, encapsulated fiberglass core with a reflective foil vapor barrier on the back side and a decorative vinyl finish on the front side. These panels stop water vapor from coming through the wall into the basement air. The finish on ZenWall looks just as great as if one were going to renovate their basement, but for a fraction of the price! ZenWall panels are the simplest, easiest way to waterproof your basement walls, and get a beautiful finished look.

BrightWall is best when you are planning on leaving your basement unfinished. It is a semi-rigid White plastic panel with drilled-in white fasteners (more than one BrightWall panel is used to waterproof a space). No matter how much dampness comes through, it will never peel or crumble off of your walls. BrightWall drains any water leaks down behind it to the WaterGuard perimeter drainage system (yes, we also install WaterGuard). BrightWall looks great and makes any basement significantly brighter and cleaner!

CleanSpace is better if you have stone walls. CleanSpace is a heavy, durable plastic liner. It is best on stone walled basements because stone walls are not flat (so they are not great candidates for BrightWall paneling). CleanSpace provides a vapor barrier, drains water behind it, and dramatically brightens a basement. Just like BrightWall! It will have little waves in it because it comes off of a roll. Even though CleanSpace comes off of a roll, it is still extremely sturdy and nearly impossible to rip.

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