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Certified Field Inspector taking notes outside a homeowners house

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Our dedicated Service Department is here to help!

What Happens After Your Installation?

Certified Field Inspector taking notes outside a homeowners house

“After sales service” refers to all things a company does to care for valued customers after they purchase products. But what happens after installation? Many contractors, unfortunately, seemingly disappear when the going gets tough, so to speak. At AquaGuard, we feel that’s ridiculous. You chose us for a reason. We offered a product or system that was custom-designed to repair your home’s specific waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete leveling, or gutter installation issue, so why wouldn’t we stand behind our work and address any warrantable issues that emerge down the road? Trust us, we feel your pain, and we’re proud to say that a major part of AquaGuard’s long-term success is due to building lasting customer relationships, rather than mere contractor-homeowner transactions.

Hence, our dedicated Service Department exists and serves as the backbone of our company, as they address any maintenance or warranty issues that may arise after your work is installed.

Internally, we affectionately coin our Service team our Special Forces Unit because its members work tirelessly to defend our hard-earned reputation and to give customers the peace of mind they deserve. Whether a proactive or reactive appointment, our Service Directors and Technicians go beyond the call of duty to ensure our customers are satisfied and their issues resolved.

When Should You Contact Service?

First, we recommend scheduling an annual maintenance appointment to ensure your products and systems are functioning properly. These are called Proactive Service Appointments, and they’re essentially akin to an oil change for your car. Annually, two months prior to the anniversary date of your installation project, we will send you a reminder postcard that maintenance service should be considered. You call us, an appointment is made, and a Service Technician will perform an in-home evaluation with you to ensure all systems are good to go.

Second, we field Reactive Service Appointments, which is where our Special Forces Unit really shines! Should you experience an issue with the work installed, give our Service team a call! They’ll do whatever possible to resolve your issue quickly and effectively so that you can get back to doing what you do best: enjoying life. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8-5, but we have Service Technicians on-call 24/7, ready and able to handle emergencies and tackle your home’s specific needs.

Typical Services


Our regular annual maintenance and inspection plan keeps your foundation repair or basement waterproofing system in peak condition.


During your annual maintenance appointment, we will discuss any additional issues you may be having with your home and recommend a solution to further protect your home.


  • Clean sump pump of sediment and silt
  • Test sump pump operation and battery backup
  • Replace the battery in SafeDri™ alarm
  • Flush drainage system if necessary
  • Evaluate discharge lines


  • Adjust IntelliJack™® posts if necessary
  • Clean sump pump of sediment and silt
  • Test sump pump operation and battery backup
  • Clear drainage system of any blockage
  • Flush discharge lines if needed


  • Tighten IntelliBrace™ or wall anchors if needed
  • Check the position of walls at the anchor location
  • Remove excess anchor rod
  • Inspect the foundation for additional movement or crack formation


  • Measure concrete position to ensure level surface
  • Examine surrounding soils for risk of sinking
  • Examine additional concrete surfaces for sinking
  • Inspect concrete for crack development
  • Adjust PolyRenewal™ ® fill if needed

Typical services include testing all systems installed, making sure lines are free of silt or sedative, flushing out exterior discharge lines to help them remain clog-free, conducting thorough sump pump and power back-up tests, and re-leveling any concrete slabs that were previously stabilized with PolyRenewal™, if applicable. Our Service Technicians also perform routine maintenance on air filtration and dehumidification systems, running hygrometer tests to measure relative humidity levels and changing filters, if required.

At AquaGuard, we strive to WOW! our customers – to provide permanent solutions and a remarkable experience for each homeowner we serve. Throughout our 23+ years in business, our Special Forces Unit – the men and women of our dedicated Service Department – has remained the unsung hero of our efforts. They’re the ones who truly transform once disgruntled customers into lifelong brand ambassadors, who turn negative reviewers into trusted advocates, and who inspire patrons to provide unsolicited referrals to family and friends.

If you need any post-installation service performed, go ahead and contact us at 770-419-9111 and experience “The AquaGuard Difference” firsthand!

AquaGuard Service Map

Our Locations

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1 Huntington Rd., Suite 803,
Athens, GA 30606

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