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About AquaGuard Foundation Solutions

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions specializes in providing sensible solutions for waterproofing, foundation, and concrete support throughout greater Atlanta and North Georgia.

We take tremendous pride in our 150+ expertly-trained employees who are supported by knowledgeable office staff. Each of these employees stands ready to answer all your questions, especially the technical ones. Our Certified Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Specialists perform thorough, interior and exterior inspections of your home before customizing a plan designed to fix your home’s specific needs. Our core purpose is to provide peace of mind for our customers, our employees, and allow us the opportunity to serve you and show you “the AquaGuard difference”.

Other companies may do what we do, but none do it with the quality, service, and professionalism associated with every job we complete. We are a service company with integrity that’s driven to make the “extraordinary”, ordinary. You see, with us, EVERYTHING matters. This means from your first call to your inspection, to any work that needs to be performed or any issues that need to be addressed years down the road, it matters to us that you’re treated fairly, that we call to confirm visits to your house, that we offer fair pricing, and that, most importantly, we actually DO the work we say we will. Our ultimate goal is to make you say “Wow! I did not expect that from a contractor” after each interaction you share with our team.

About the Owners

Tom DiGregorio originally founded the company in 1995 as a basement waterproofing contractor. He built it on principles like honesty, integrity, and caring. But that was just the beginning. As he listened to his customers, he also discovered a serious need for foundation repair and concrete leveling in Marietta and Greater Atlanta, including piering, floor joist stabilization, concrete leveling, and replacement, & permanent drainage solutions for existing homes. “Homeowners needed someone who understood their problems and that they could rely on to give them the right answer for a fair price and to deliver what they promised, on time.”

Joe Rusk joined AquaGuard in 2011 with over 30 years of experience in the waterproofing and foundation repair industries, and 20 years as a business owner. With a focus on a purpose-driven mission to provide peace of mind to their customers, and a commitment to operate on a set of core values unique to AquaGuard, Joe has dedicated himself and the AquaGuard team to setting new standards for the customer experience.

Every day, we come to work building our reputation, never relying on it. Experience the AquaGuard difference.

Joe & Tom Owners of Aquaguard
Tom DiGregorio & Joe Rusk

Who We Are

At AquaGuard, we believe that by doing things differently, we can help others live better, fuller lives. That’s why we implement our core values at all times. Whether we are providing waterproofing solutions for your basement or making recommendations to level your concrete, we do everything with integrity. Our values shape everything we do, and we are determined to provide services that will help you live the best life possible. 

Always Serving our Customers with Integrity

Our office walls and company T-Shirts have the words “With us, EVERYTHING matters” emblazoned on the back, which sums up how all those who work for AquaGuard feel about service commitment. We really do take to heart the fact that we want each customer to be satisfied and have peace of mind after each and every completed job.

Crew working on roof with WIth us, everything matters shirt

Our goal has always remained to be a Service company with Integrity, but that concept of service applies to not only striving to perpetually redefine the home services contracting industry but also, more literally, that we fully OWN our work via our dedicated post-installation Service Department. Consisting of a full-time Manager, Assistant Manager, Coordinators, and Field Technicians, our Service Department works tirelessly to keep our customers satisfied and their homes protected. So what sets us apart at AquaGuard? With us, everything truly DOES matter, and that means serving our customers fully forever, not just until a project is installed.

The Ripple Effect

We believe that every action can spread through the world, causing a ripple as it goes. We’ll never know exactly how these ripples impact every person they touch. However, we do know that if we intentionally provide services of the highest integrity, our customers, our employees, and the community will all feel that ripple in their everyday lives. We believe in helping people feel fulfilled so that they can create an impact and experience peace of mind. These actions and emotions can also create a ripple effect that can change the world.

Endless Possibilities

No one told us we couldn’t change the world, so AquaGuard will do just that. When you don’t know that something is supposed to be impossible, everything is possible, right? We believe that by providing honest services of the highest quality, we are changing the world every day. We are a service company with integrity because we work with our employees and our customers to create a world previously unseen in the contracting industry. You must start as you mean to go on, and we choose to start with a youthful spirit that will help us do the impossible.

A Foundation Repair Company With Integrity

If you’re looking for contracting experts in the Atlanta, Athens, Rome, and Marietta areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair, and waterproofing professionals! Contact us today for a free estimate!

We Are Driven To Making The Extraordinary, Ordinary

Every organization has a set of principles which guides their operation. AquaGuard’s path is lit by these values that help us clearly see and realize our vision of being the best in the contracting industry. One of our values is that we are driven to making the “extraordinary,” ordinary. What does that mean for our company and your home? Let’s find out:

It is our mission to revolutionize the contracting industry by making an impact that is significant for the customers we serve, the employees we walk alongside, and the communities in which we work.

Our Customers

Most homeowners would probably say that working with a contractor is a hassle. Homeowners have come to expect that contractors are tardy, messy, and mediocre. AquaGuard believes that homeowners deserve better and should have an extraordinary customer experience every time. We exist in a world where it is ordinary for a job to be done right the first time with the highest quality materials by employees who love their job.

Our Employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset, bar none. We take something extraordinary like creating an environment where our employees feel fulfilled at work and turn it into an ordinary, everyday occurrence. When employees are passionate and happy about their job, they go home and create happy families, which leads to happy neighborhoods and communities.

Our Community

Our community is at the center of what we call “home.” The needs of the community must be met by the needs of those within the community. Companies like AquaGuard, who thrive within the community, need to be at the front to lend a hand and lift the spirits. We look at improving lives as the standard, even though some people may call it exceptional. For us, it’s all about providing peace of mind to those who live among us.

If you’re looking for contracting experts in the Atlanta, Athens, Rome, and Marietta areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair, and waterproofing professionals! Contact us today for a free estimate!

We Are Accountable To Ourselves, Our Customers, And Our Community

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we believe making a good first impression is everything. After all, if we start by serving new customers with exceptional service, we hold ourselves accountable to continue as we go forward.

We are unique from other foundation repair companies because it is important to us that our customers know that they can count on us when we say we’re going to do something. They understand that we hold ourselves responsible for keeping them informed every step of the process.

We Hold Ourselves Accountable

Every moment that we spend interacting with our customers is an important moment for us. It is important that new customers feel at ease when they speak to our team about a problem they are having. It is important to our team to prepare our customers for our visit and let them know what to expect. We believe that we are responsible for professionally completing a job the way it should be done. We are also responsible for helping our customers feel comfortable and at ease with our company.

We Owe Accountability to Our Customers and Our Community

Your home is part of your family, and we will take care of it like a member of our family, too. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and courtesy because we love our family. AquaGuard strives to make every customer comfortable and confident that we will do a good job.

We value accountability because we want to revolutionize the contracting industry. You will never think of AquaGuard as a stereotypically late, irresponsible foundation repair company. We believe in evolving the customer experience from start to finish by providing reliable services you can trust.

If you’re looking for contracting experts in the Atlanta, Athens, Rome, and Marietta areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair, and waterproofing professionals! Contact us today for a free estimate!

Awards and Affiliations

We Are Selfless In Our Pursuit To Serve Others

Everything we do, we do for the improvement of our industry and our community. AquaGuard continuously strives to make a difference in the community and give back. That’s why we are always looking for ways to give back. 

AquaGuard in the Community

Those within the community are responsible for meeting the needs of the community. We channel our energy into redefining our communities to improve the lives of those around us. This summer, AquaGuard participated in several opportunities to lend a hand and lift the spirits of the people we love.

Revolutionize & “Accelerate”

On June 15, we held our annual company conference day, appropriately called “Accelerate.”  AquaGuard employees raced to build 20 bikes that were donated to MUST Ministries. We delighted in providing the simple joy of a childhood pastime for children in need.

This was an incredible opportunity for our 180 team members to come together, bond, and get caught up on updates in the company. It was also an excellent opportunity for us to discuss our core values and our number-one goal: to provide peace of mind to our customers, ourselves, and our community.

A Saturday Project

We were also blessed to be able to assist a Gwinnett County homeowner suffering from cancer. We heard her story through the wonderful team at Caring Bridges. This wonderful lady’s basement had flooded four times over the past four years, our AquaGuardians stepped in to help! Our team spent a Saturday completing a complementary basement waterproofing project so that they could focus their energies on a more important fight. We were delighted to provide some peace of mind to this family. You can read the full story from the husband’s perspective here!

Pack a Lunch

Our team values our community and any opportunity to give back, as we did when we supported the MUST Ministries Summer Lunch Program. We pledged to serve more than 1,500 sack lunches in June. We also had the opportunity to serve lunch to approximately 100 of Marrietta’s homeless residents at the Elizabeth Inn earlier in June. We are committed to remaining selfless in our pursuit to serve our community in need!

As you can see, our community makes a huge impact on how to define our values. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions takes the greatest joy out of being able to give back to our community.

Having Fun At Every Opportunity

At AquaGuard, everything matters. Our company is unique because we redefine the customer experience so that they feel like our family from beginning to end. Whether we are working in our community or preparing a job site, we do everything with joy and fun in our hearts! 

You learned a little bit about the ways we get involved in our community through selfless service. Whether we are out building bikes in our community or being driven to make the “extraordinary” ordinary, we have fun! Any decision we make is a step towards fulfilling our core values, including being part of a company where our employees are having a good time and our customers are happy with our work.

Having Fun Ties into Everything We Do

Our employees enjoy working for AquaGuard Foundation Solutions because they feel at home in the community and valued by their employer. We create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere where employees are on fire for their jobs and know that they are making an impact. When employees love what they do, work isn’t a chore; it’s fun!

We also have fun holding ourselves accountable to our customers and our community. Our service opportunities with Accelerate and MUST Ministries are fun because they give us the chance to support our family in the community.

Revolutionizing and Evolving an Industry

We are invested in more than just finishing a job. It’s more important to us that our clients are comfortable with us and confident that we will do a job right the first time. We exude the confidence, courtesy, and professionalism needed so that every customer feels right at home with us.

We’re not your average foundation repair company. We aim to challenge and evolve the customer experience by working with the utmost integrity, drive, accountability, and selflessness. Our customers’ satisfaction makes this job fun!

If you’re looking for contracting experts in the Atlanta, Athens, Rome, and Marietta areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair, and waterproofing professionals! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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