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Basement Waterproofing in Atlanta & Northern Georgia

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A wet basement is the last thing you want to see when you head downstairs. Georgia’s humid summers can cause issues in your basement resulting in musty odors, pests, and ruined property—not to mention the frustration of leaks returning with heavy rain. Basement waterproofing will seal out moisture, keeping your home safe and dry.

Signs You Need Waterproofing

You’ll need experienced professionals to help your home. Hundreds of Georgians trust AquaGuard Foundation Solutions to waterproof their basements each year. Our proprietary solutions have proven to provide long-term fixes for wet basements.

Musty Smell in Basement? You Need a Dehumidifier.

Do you have a nasty smell in your basement? It’s usually caused by mold or mildew resulting from a wet basement. The water that seeps in through cracks in your basement walls or foundation raises the humidity level and makes the perfect place for mold to grow. A dehumidifier will help by removing moisture from warm air.

Basement Bugs Invading? You Need Basement Gutters.

Unwelcome pests—like spiders and palmetto bugs—are attracted to dark, moist places such as basements. Basement gutters help keep your home dry. Dry means no bugs. Our BasementGutter™ provides an innovative solution as an interior drainage method that is guaranteed to never clog.

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Seeing Efflorescence? Install a Vapor Barrier.

Efflorescence is the white powdery substance left after water leaks through your walls and evaporates leaving salt deposits. It’s especially common in brick walls. If you see efflorescence, it’s likely that there are other problems like odor or mold. A vapor barrier will keep water from leaking into your basement, effectively fixing your wet basement.

Moldy Basement? Control the Moisture.

Discolored, speckled walls are a sign of mold in your basement. Mold not only ruins your drywall but can become airborne, infiltrating your carpets and air circulation system. This can pose a potential health risk to you and your household. Moisture control can help prevent mold from growing and taking over your basement.

Don’t see your basement problem?

We have solutions for all kinds of wet basement issues.

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Unfortunately, basement waterproofing issues will only worsen over time. If your external drainage system has already clogged, there’s no guarantee if or when that issue will become more severe due to heavy or extended rains. Therefore, if you spot any of the common signs or symptoms associated with basement moisture penetration, it’s definitely beneficial to schedule a free evaluation sooner than later. Your issue may be minor and therefore be less expensive to repair than major issues. We hope it is. You may have no issue at all, or it may just be a plumbing leak. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you that, too. No matter what, if you’re experiencing any kind of basement water problem, at least invite a professional out to take a look. Don’t wait for your issue to get worse to find out the problem is serious!

Although it is not always indicative of structural failure, the most tell-tale sign of structural damage due to basement water penetration is foundation wall cracks. Wall cracks can occur in multiple ways and often tell a definitive story about why and how they cracked. For instance, stair-step or vertical wall cracks often occur as a result of differential settlement. Differential settlement typically results from rainwater funneling underneath your foundation walls, washing out, and eroding the soil below, leaving voids. Void-laden soil simply cannot support the heavy foundation walls that sit atop it, and thus the walls will start to crack and shift or settle down into the void. Another common cause of foundation wall cracks is hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure can push against your foundation walls, resulting in horizontal or diagonal wall cracks. Over time, these cracks will widen, and your walls may start to buckle, bow or shear. This is a major structural issue, as total wall collapse can occur if your walls are left untreated.

At AquaGuard, we use a combination of waterproofing solutions, offering the most complete basement waterproofing system. Basement drains, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and sump pumps work together to ensure you home is protected against every cause of basement water problems. Our patented BasementGutter system has waterproofed more linear feet of homeowners’ basements than any other residential waterproofing product in the world.

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Atlanta has muggy summers and wet winters. Year-round moisture leads to damage in all foundation types, but AquaGuard has plenty of solutions to permanently protect your home.

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With a damaged foundation, your entire home is at risk. Structural problems, mold growth, and sinking concrete are all problems that may arise in your Athens home, and AquaGuard has the tools to prevent them.

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