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Crawl Space Drain

Our CrawlDrain Crawl Space Drain. The first Atlanta perimeter drainage system custom-engineered for crawl spaces.

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Crawl spaces traditionally have a bare dirt bottom, though some have gravel or concrete. Regardless, ground moisture is constantly being drawn upward out of the ground to evaporate. The resulting vapor can condense on the wood subfloor and other surfaces in and above the crawl space, resulting in significant risk of mold and wood rot. This poses a threat not just within the crawl space itself, but can also threaten the interior of the house, as moisture works its way upward into and through the walls and subfloor. It also creates a great breeding ground and home environment for pests.

In the early days of home building, the only practical way to minimize damaging moisture in a crawl space was to vent it. But venting has a lot of practical limitations. Today, encapsulating a crawl space (a process that includes draining, drying, and sealing it off) is the best way to prevent this ever present threat to your home’s structural and aesthetic integrity.

Quick Installation

Our interior drainage system is quick to install, often completed in a day or less. Our Atlanta crawl space drain installations are typically completed as part of the entire encapsulation system installation and add no additional time to the overall process.

A Clog Resistant, Reliable Crawl Space Drain

The CrawlDrain is the ideal way to drain water in a dirt crawl space without clogging or drain failure. All openings facing the dirt surface of your crawl space include a special filter fabric material, designed to allow water in while keeping mud and other clogging debris away.

The CrawlDrain systems work best as part of a customized system including a wide range of crawl space repair products — vapor barriers, sump pumps, and self-drainage dehumidifiers – all designed to work together to protect your crawl space from moisture issues.

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