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A Summer of Selflessness, 2019

Lunch Meal Program for the hungry children in our community

Can you imagine a world where the success of the company includes the success of the community? We can. We are believers. This is one of the guiding principles for those of us working at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions.  

For many parents, the summer months can mean lots of anxiety and wondering how to provide lunch for their children, because during the school year, the free, daily lunch meal doesn’t come out of the small family budget. This year, AquaGuard has committed to providing lunch meals for the hungry children in our community through MUST Ministries’ 3, 000 Summer Lunch Program.

The folks who work for AquaGuard truly live the company’s core values, which are having integrity, being accountable, driven to provide excellent service, having fun and being selfless in our pursuit to serve others. Therefore, AquaGuard’s compassionate volunteers have teamed up with MUST Ministries to distribute weekday summer lunches to thousands of children in seven counties. 

Heading up the organization of this project is Talor Bennett, Appointment Center Manager. “Everyone in the company loves all opportunities to work together and give back. When it comes to decorating and drawing on the paper-bags for each child’s lunch, we have a couple of real Artists that call AquaGuard home!”, Talor laughs. 

Using stickers, positive affirmations, crayon drawings and Q&A’s our 250 strong teams take the bags home and decorate at night with their families. To stuff the baggies, we make use of office-bound AquaGuardians who work together to ensure the right items are inside each bag. Each bag is filled with a pack of fruit gummies, goldfish, and a juice box. 

Of course, Sack Lunch would not be complete without a great, stuffed sandwich! The sandwich making process takes place at MUST Minisgtries’ Elizabeth Inn kitchen, where we also gather monthly to cook for and feed about 100 Homeless people. 

To entice volunteers from various departments to assemble the sandwiches on Saturdays, we divide into teams for a little bit of friendly competition to see which teams make the most sandwiches or stuff the most bags. “We look forward to this program every summer and appreciate all the hard work MUST Ministries puts in, to put it together, providing for the children in need,” beams Talor.

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