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What Makes Us Unique? With Us, EVERYTHING Matters

When choosing a business to work with, homeowners ask themselves (and the company) “What makes them unique from the other guys?” Well, here at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we believe that everything matters. From the products we use to the people we serve, everything is equally important in our eyes.

We Are Believers

The Ripple Effect

We believe that one action can create a ripple effect, leading to something more — something enormous. The full extent of each ripple, we’ll likely never know. What we do know is that by doing things differently, better, and with intention, our customers can live better lives, our employees can go home at night feeling fulfilled, and our company can positively impact the communities we serve. We believe that all this will create peace of mind for all. When people feel fulfilled, can create an impact, and feel that peace of mind, these emotions and actions create ripples of positive energy. We are believers, and we believe that these ripples can, and will, change the world.

Everything is Possible

We’ve heard it said that when you don’t know something is supposed to be impossible, everything is possible. We have a passion for working with this type of youthful spirit. No one told us we can’t change the world, so we will. We are here to take our industry by storm. We are here to lock arms with and walk alongside our employees, our customers, and our community to create an experience one would never expect in the contracting industry. We are here to create a vision of what could be possible, and then to prove that those possibilities can become reality.



We believe that promising a certain standard of work and attention to a homeowner and not following through is unacceptable. We want to change the contracting industry for the better by staying honest and open with everyone. We will only ever perform work that your home needs. If we find something else during our free inspection, then we will discuss what the best way to go about it with the homeowner will be. We will never do unauthorized work and leave you with a bill you can’t pay.

Integrity and Quality

Every employee in the AquaGuard family upholds the highest standards of integrity, no matter what position they hold. One piece of being a business with integrity is making sure that we use the best quality products and materials, as well as employ the highest quality people — both in character and work ethic. Quality products keep your home running and your family safe year after year. No one will ever get an inferior product or service from us. We love all of our customers but we don’t want you coming back with the same issue over and over. The services we supply will last you a lifetime.

Exceptional Customer Service

Whether a part of our office staff taking your calls or part of the service team on the ground, AquaGuard’s customer service is always exceptional. Having great customer service is what keeps customers happy and continues to uphold our high standards of integrity.

Our Core Focus: Quality Products and Services

Keeping You Dry and Safe

AquaGuard understands that you and your family’s safety and health are the top priorities in your life. When your home has moisture, sitting water, or a settling foundation, it is no longer as safe as it can be. Toxic mold, constant humidity, and rotten support beams contribute to a poor quality of life. Our mission is to permanently heal your home and to make sure that all of the products we employ to get the job done are up to snuff.

We’ll Save You Money

A big problem that always accompanies failing homes is high energy and frequent repair bills. If you underestimate the problem or go to your average contractor, it’s likely you’ll have to keep pulling out your wallet every time the “fix” fails. We use the highest quality products whether we are sealing your crawl space, reinforcing support beams, or installing a dehumidifier or sump pump — they are always designed to be highly energy efficient so you can start saving more. Wouldn’t you rather spend your savings a memorable family vacation than yet another frustrating temporary fix?

Home Value

Be confident in passing your home onto another family — and get the highest price. When you repair your home’s problem areas with AquaGuard you can tell the new owners with pride and confidence that they have nothing to worry about fixing. Plus, when you repair your home before an inspection you’ll usually end up paying less overall and can list your home at the highest valued price.

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