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Learn more about our gutter systems and services, including gutter installation, replacement, and protection.

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For many homeowners, cleaning out rain gutters can be an easy home maintenance task to overlook throughout the year. Many believe that leaves and other debris will just wash out on their own; however, this is far from the truth.

A leaking gutter at your Athen’s area home is a significant cause for concern for homeowners. Not only does the problem look bad, but it can lead to leaks in your roof and foundation. The Atlanta area receives 52 inches of rain, on average, per year… that’s nearly 15 inches more than the national average. With rain like that, having a reliable, fully functioning gutter system is very important to the health of your home.  

Luckily, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has been repairing and restoring peace of mind to Athens, Atlanta, and Columbus homeowners for more than 25 years. They understand the entire water management process and can replace and repair failing gutters with the solution that fits your home’s needs best.   

Rain gutters have an important role to play in the water management system of your Georgia home. Unfortunately, gutters are often overlooked when it comes to annual maintenance. Because of this, gutter joint separation can be common. With the driving summer rains in areas like Atlanta, Athens, and Columbus, proper gutter maintenance should always be top of mind.   

Many Georgia homeowners have probably given the slope of their gutters very little thought if any. If your gutters are sloped or pitched incorrectly, you could be creating a big problem. Water can overflow, spilling over the top and dumping directly next to your home’s basement or crawl space.  

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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has muggy summers and wet winters. Year-round moisture leads to damage in all foundation types, but AquaGuard has plenty of solutions to permanently protect your home.

Athens, GA

Athens, GA

With a damaged foundation, your entire home is at risk. Structural problems, mold growth, and sinking concrete are all problems that may arise in your Athens home, and AquaGuard has the tools to prevent them.


Our gutter protection system works by allowing water in, while keeping debris, like leaves and pine straw, out. We offer the largest gutter protection system on the market today. Our rep will show you the benefits of our system during your appointment.

Yes it will. Our system has been test to handle 20+ inches of rain per hour. Because of our patented design and our AquaFlow accessories, our system works in the heaviest of rains. Our rep will show you a water demo during your appointment.

Actually, the steeper the better! A steeper roof moves water faster down the roof into our gutter, due to surface tension. A flatter roof catches water and has a difficult time getting rid of it. This will become more clear during our water demo.

No! Our system attaches directly to your fascia board and does not go under your roof shingles.

No problem! Your roofing contractor can actually remove the old roof and install your new roof over your new gutter system. Our system is NOT installed under your roof shingles. We offer assistance to your roofing contractor, if needed.

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