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7 Benefits of Fixing your Sinking Concrete

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Consider these seven benefits to fixing your sinking and unleveled concrete slab

1.The problem always gets worse: if a slab has cracked or has begun to sink, the issue will not eventually stop; it will continue to get worse.

•Note, when problems get worse, the cost of fixing the issue increases.

2.Resale value diminishes: no perspective homebuyer wants to purchase a home with an unleveled driveway, a stoop pulling away from the house, or floors that are cracked and sinking.

3. Appearance: cracking concrete is ugly and extremely unattractive.

4. Safety: cracking concrete is unsafe. It is a tripping hazard that can be dangerous and open you up to unwanted liability.

5. Water intrusion: cracks are exposed to the surrounding environment. When cracks let in water, damage can worsen.

6. Pooling water: water in cracks create water pools. In the winter, these pools can freeze, which causes more safety concerns.

7. Structural damage: cracking concrete on a ground level can affect the structures above the crack. These cause doors and windows to stick and other structural damages throughout your home. In Atlanta , Marietta , Gainesville and Athens , Aquaguard Foundation Solutions has the technical experience and expertise to correctly diagnose the issues you might be detecting in your home.

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