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This is What Can Happen When You do Not Call AquaGuard On Time

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If you wait for your issues to progress, AquaGuard may not be able to fix your issue.

This home’s garage floor was jacked up on the left side creating an enormous crack. Unfortunately, this homeowner waited too long to call AquaGuard, making it so that we cannot help them. This homeowner will have to completely re-pour his garage floor now.

IF this homeowner had called AquaGuard before his problem worsened, then we would have been able to offer two solutions. The first thing we would do is install piers to stabilize the floor to ensure that the cracking did not worsen. Next we would have injected PolyRenewal® to raise the garage floor back into place.

PolyRenewal is a great installation that fixes many types of cracks; this crack was too large and too wide to use PolyRenewal.

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