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AquaGuard Gutter For Steep Pitched Roofs

The combination of debris and water rushing into your gutters can overwhelm your gutter system and lead to clogs and leaks.

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Heavy seasonal rainfall in Georgia can be a red flag for many homeowners who have experienced previous gutter concerns. From open gutters that clog and require regular cleaning, to moldy and rotting fascia boards, to rust-prone gutter-troughs, many homes and foundations are damaged by overflowing gutters or improperly channeled roof water.


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Homeowners who have steeply pitched roofs have expressed frequent concern that their gutters are just not able to handle the volume of rainwater they receive.

When you have a steep roof, you need to know that due to the pitch, these roofs are very effective in shedding water really fast and pushing leaves and other debris into your gutters along with the rainwater. The combination of debris and water rushing into your gutters can overwhelm your gutter system and lead to clogs and leaks.

One such customer from Marietta, Georgia told us that his house is 23 years old with the original gutters still in place. The problem he was having was a familiar scene to us,  the gutters were too small for the size and the pitch of the roof. Every time it rained, he was getting puddles on the ground in front of the house. Plus, he was starting to see soft rot on the eaves due to water collecting in the gutters and not draining down the downspouts.

Clogged Gutters are No Friend to Homeowners

During his assessment, we discussed a couple of things homeowners can do to prevent gutter clogs on roofs with a steep pitch. For instance, make sure you have sufficient downspouts to handle high water volume. On most residential homes, a five-inch gutter will do the trick, but a steeply pitched roof might well require more downspouts than a flatter roof with less run-off. Six-inch gutters are best suited to commercial buildings or a house where the shingles protrude substantially with a large overhang.

Our quality, Six-inch, all-in-one covered gutter system is perfectly designed to handle all your gutter concerns for steep, pitch-roof homes. The system’s unique water adhesion technology captures all roof water and diverts it properly away from your foundation walls. It’s covered, the reverse funnel prevents leaf and pine needle clogging and its patented GutterStud Bracket ensures your gutters will never pull away from your house.

AquaGuard’s team of professional technicians is happy to evaluate your property and calculate the correct sizes and positioning of the downspouts. The calculation is based on the square footage of your home, the pitch of your roof, and the average rainfall in your area.

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