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How to Choose Gutter Colors With Our Gutter Color Chart

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At AquaGuard, we believe that protecting your foundation shouldn’t come at the expense of your curb appeal. That’s why we offer a large selection of gutter colors curated to blend with or complement any home’s architectural style and color scheme.
Gutters increase the value of your home in more ways than one, but knowing which color to choose can be a difficult decision. Here are some of our best tips for how to choose the right gutter color for your home. 

Gutter Colors: How to Choose

Many people don’t realize that their gutter color makes as big of a difference in curb appeal as the home’s exterior paint, roof, and trim colors. Here are some options to help you choose a gutter color that will complement the aesthetic of your home:

  • Match Your Roof: Matching the roof is a popular choice for homes with modern, art deco, contemporary, and other architectural styles that may not have trim.
  • Match Your Exterior Paint Color: Matching your gutters and downspouts to your siding is a great way to ensure they go unnoticed and blend in. However, because exterior paint colors are highly customizable, this may be a little more difficult. Matching trim is easier because it’s typically a more standard color.
  • Match Your Trim: Matching your gutters is another great way to ensure your gutters blend in with your home. Keep in mind that there may be areas where your downspouts are against your siding rather than your trim. This isn’t a bad thing unless you want your gutters to go completely unnoticed. In that case, you can get your gutters to match the trim and downspouts to match the siding.
  • Contrast Your Home’s Color: Choosing a contrasting gutter color isn’t as common, but it’s a great way to add visual allure. When choosing a contrasting color, it’s still important to work within your general color palette. You may choose to match your gutters to your front door (think a pop of red), or you could install black gutters to contrast a white brick home. 

Other Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Gutter Color

While choosing your gutter color, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Are there HOA restrictions regarding gutter colors? Many HOAs have rules when it comes to home improvements that could impact the neighborhood aesthetic. Be sure to find out your HOA’s specific policy before proceeding, if you’re worried.
  2. What’s your budget? When choosing gutters, basic and off-white are typically the factory-finish, and thus the least expensive option. If it’s in the budget, you might consider custom-matching your gutter colors. 
  3. What color will your downspouts be against? If you choose to match your gutters with your roof or trim, remember that your downspouts will likely be up against the color of your home’s exterior paint. If you want your downspouts to blend in, consider color-matching them to your home’s exterior. 

Our Gutter Color Chart: Seamless Gutter Colors

No matter how you choose to incorporate your gutter color with your home’s color palette, AquaGuard Gutter Solutions carries a wide selection of options to match any style. 

Our Most Popular Seamless Gutter Colors

Here are some of our most popular seamless gutter color choices:

White, off-white, and other light gutters are standard for many homes. This is because trim is often white or a lighter shade of the home’s exterior paint. Our White 30º and Almond gutter colors are great choices for those wanting a clean look.

Red brick homes follow the same rules for choosing gutters as the rest, and it’s common for homeowners to go with a brick red. However, you may consider using your gutters to introduce a new color to your home’s pallet. Consider incorporating Royal or Musket Brown to complement chocolate undertones in brick homes. Match your shutters, trim, garage door, or front door to tie the color into other elements of your home’s exterior.  

Earth tones, including Spanish moss, taupe, and desert beige, are some of the most popular exterior home colors of this decade. For those wanting to avoid the stark contrast of white gutters and go with something a little more subdued, Cream, Antique Ivory, and Wicker are great options.

Our Pearly, CB, and Tuxedo Grey gutter colors are excellent options for homes with cool-toned trims and siding. If you’re looking for a warmer grey to compliment your home, Clay and Terratone are great options.

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