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Sidewalk Lifting

Cracked, sunken concrete sidewalks and walkways aren’t just an eyesore—they’re a safety hazard.

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Uneven sidewalks can lead to serious injury, and in the worst cases, legal trouble for the property owner. At AquaGuard, we provide home and business owners with Atlanta sidewalk repair services. With our sidewalk lifting process, we offer a permanent solution that quickly raises slabs back towards their original positions.    

Why Do Sidewalks Sink and Crack?

The best sidewalk repair method will always address the root cause of your sidewalk’s damage. So, what typically causes cracked, sinking sidewalks? Sidewalks sink for a number of reasons, but the primary cause typically occurs beneath the concrete slab itself. The soil under the sidewalk or walkway is what supports the slab. When the soil shifts, it leaves voids that are unable to support the weight of the concrete, eventually causing the concrete to sink and settle into the voids. Multiple factors contribute to shifting soil, including Georgia Red clay soil.

Georgia Red Clay
In Atlanta, the soil supporting our concrete sidewalks is referred to as Georgia Red clay. Georgia Red clay is expansive soil, meaning it expands when it is wet and shrinks when it is dry. In Georgia, weather changes occur frequently throughout the year, meaning this clay soil is rarely in a stable state. When red clay receives excess rain or runoff from a deep freeze melt, it can wash oversaturate and wash away. During droughts or cold conditions, it can harden and crumble. Whether from dry out or washout, the eroded soil left behind causes voids, leading to your sidewalk cracking and sinking into weak spots.

How to Lift an Uneven Concrete Sidewalk

There are several options when it comes to concrete sidewalk lifting, each presenting different pros and cons.

  • Mudjacking for Concrete Sidwalk Repair
  • Concrete Grinding
  • Sidewalk Lifting: The PolyRenewal™® Way

How Does PolyRenewal™® Work for Concrete Sidewalk Repair?

Unlike mudjacking and concrete grinding, PolyRenewal™® repairs the problem at the source—the soil. Rather than adding extra weight to the soil supporting your already-heavy concrete, PolyRenewal™® injects a structural-grade, two-part polymer foam under the concrete. This foam expands to fill voids caused by shifting and sinking soil. The result is a stronger, stable, even concrete sidewalk. This Atlanta sidewalk repair solution is permanent and durable to ensure your sidewalk is stable for years to come.

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