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Finding the Best Sump Pump For Your Waterproofed Basement or Crawl Space

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Waterproofing your basement or crawl space is only the very first step you need to take in ensuring that your home is well protected from the elements and other unfortunate mishaps. If you have a perimeter drainage system, installing a sump pump that is powerful and reliable enough to handle high water flow is essential to keeping your basement from flooding. You don’t want to have to put on full rain gear to enjoy your basement.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to sump pump systems, there is something geared towards any type of prevention.

Types of Sump Pump Systems

Eliminate clogging sump pumps, power failures, flooding from torrential rainfall, and so much more with a variety of great sump pump options.

AquaStop™ Basement Triple Sump Pump:

Three levels of protection, designed to give you peace of mind. Made of Cast-iron, this pump is a beast. At its lowest power setting it runs at 1/3 horsepower (capable of pumping 2,220 gallons per hour), and for heavy water flow or the case of a primary pump failure a second 1/2 horsepower power will kick into gear.

SafeDry® Premier Pump System:

This sump pump is a more economical, but still wonderfully effective solution to keep your basement dry. The pump uses the same 1/3 horsepower pump as the TripleSafe™ does. It also has the ability to be customized with an SafeDri™ Battery Backup, so it can keep running even long after the power goes out.

AquaStop™ CrawlSpace Mini Sump Pump:

If you have a crawl space, not a basement, this sump pump is ideal for your home’s needs because it is specifically designed to keep your crawl spaces dry in the event of flooding and leaks. The pump has the capability of pumping 2,500 gallons per hour and the option for a backup battery that has the ability to pump an additional 9,000 gallons per hour.

Feature and Additions for Sump Pump Systems:

AquaStop™ Elite 365 Connect Alarm: When the water level has risen past the point where the pumps should have turned on, this alarm sounds off so you can take quick action.

FreezeGuard™ Discharge Line Protection: Many sump pump discharge lines are susceptible to freezing during the cold winter months. Our FreezeGuard™ discharge line protection prevents this from happening, with no need for the homeowner to do anything! This specifically designed grated adapter is located outside where the discharge line exits the house. If the pipe underground freezes in the winter, water can still be pumped out without the worry of backups into your basement!

SafeDri Back-up Systems: These battery backup systems can be put into place so that in the event of a power outage they will kick on to make sure there is no line backup. The SafeDri™, set at the highest level, will pump 11,500 gallons or more on a full charge; it’s alarm also sounds when the battery cycles on.

Keep in mind that your basement or crawl space is only waterproofed as long as your sump pump is running. If it fails due to a mechanical issue, be sure to have it repaired or replaced quickly because the battery backup won’t last forever.

If you’re looking for crawl space and basement experts in the Atlanta and Marietta areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair and waterproofing professionals! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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