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Wet basement with moldy walls

When it comes to identifying and fixing basement water damage in north Georgia, nobody does it better than the experts at AquaGuard . We have a team of over 150 experts that work hard to identify the cause of your basement water damage so they can provide a long-lasting and affordable solution.

If you notice any of the following basement water damage causes in your home, contact AquaGuard today for an inspection.

Common Causes of Basement Water Damage

North Georgia homes are especially at risk of basement water damage. Here are some of the most common signs and causes of basement water damage found by our team over their decades of experience in the foundation and basement repair industry.

Poor Water Management

The average annual rainfall in Georgia is around 50 inches, making it one of the ten states that receive the most rainfall in the country. All that excess water has to go somewhere, but without an effective water management plan, your basement could be suffering. Damaged gutters and poor property drainage allow water to seep into the ground around your home and impact the structural integrity of your basement in more ways than one.

If your gutters are broken or your lawn floods after a rain, your basement will eventually suffer water damage, so don’t wait any longer.

flooded basement heater

Plumbing or Appliance Failure

Plumbing and appliance failures are a major cause of basement water damage in north Georgia. The most common culprits in this instance are broken sump pumps, leaking water heaters, and busted pipes. Busted pipes and broken water heaters cost you money in water and basement water damage. You should contact your local plumber if you notice busted pipes or a leaking hot water heater.

On the other hand, if your sump pump fails to pump out the standing water in your basement, the pros at AquaGuard can install a new sump pump or repair your existing one.

Root Intrusion

Georgia soil is known for the rich red color caused by iron oxidation, but did you know it could be a contributing factor to basement water damage? The high sand content in our state’s soil doesn’t put up much of a resistance to intrusive tree roots. Tree roots, although slow-moving, can penetrate plumbing and cause significant structural damage to your basement walls and concrete foundation, ultimately exposing your basement to water intrusion. If left unaddressed, the incoming water caused by intrusive roots can lead to more severe basement water damage in the future.

Don’t Let Water Damage Cost You. AquaGuard Can Help!

Water in the basement may seem like a minor problem at the time, but if you choose to ignore it, you put yourself at risk of extensive and costly basement water damage down the road. Our team of more than 150 have decades of combined experience you can rely on to prevent basement water damage in North Georgia.

Don’t let water basement damage cost you thousands because AquaGuard can help today! Contact us to schedule an inspection with one of our professionals so they can identify the cause of your leaking basement and provide you with the best solution to address the problem moving forward.

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