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Worker installing basement drainage

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Flooding: A Problem That Calls for Waterproofing Solutions Learn More

Basements serve various purposes for homeowners across Georgia. They can serve as an additional space for storage, recreation, home office, or even an extra bedroom. Yet, due to their underground location, basements are more prone to flooding and water damage.   These situations are not only inconvenient but can also cause substantial damage to your home’s […]

Hammered concrete

Identifying A Fingerspace Leak In Your Home Learn More

What is and what causes a fingerspace leak? In a house, you will typically have either a concrete block foundation wall or a poured concrete foundation wall. Often an exterior, decorative brick veneer wall is built to hide the foundation wall. As the brick mason is constructing the exterior decorative brick veneer wall, he will […]

Dark, wet, and moldy basement

5 Ways Humidity Damages Your Basement Learn More

Living in the South, we know summers do two things very well: intense heat and high humidity. You don’t want these things in your basement—especially humidity. When the air in your basement has a high moisture content, it leads to many uncomfortable side effects. After reading this article, you’ll understand the dangers caused by high […]

Sump Pump Installation: How it Works Learn More

A sump pump is essential for collecting groundwater and preventing basement flooding, especially in areas like Georgia where heavy rains are common. It offers homeowners peace of mind by automatically redirecting water away from their homes, keeping basements and crawlspaces dry. Here, we’ll look at how our professional team installs a sump pump in your […]

basement wall seal scaled

6 Ways to Prevent Water in Your Basement Learn More

Are you a Georgian homeowner troubled by basement water issues? Dive into our practical guide that highlights 6 effective ways to prevent basement water intrusion and maintain a dry, safe basement all year round.

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