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Improperly Channeled Roof Water Could Flood Your Basement

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Have you recently noticed that your basement has standing water after storms? Although this can be a sign that your basement needs more serious waterproofing work, it could also be as simple a problem as gutter overflow. If your gutters weren’t installed properly or they don’t have the correct angle away from your home, you could have problems with overflow and leaks. Downspout extensions ensure that the gutters move water away from your home, protecting your basement and foundation from leaks caused by overflowing gutters, as well as preventing the buildup of hydrostatic pressure and erosion of soil and mulch. 

Exterior Signs to Look Out For:

  • Missing or leaky drain spouts could be channeling water too close to the foundation.
  • Incorrectly graded ground or shrubbery/flower beds that butt up against the house so they pull water towards the foundation walls instead of pushing it away.
  • Water pools next to the foundation walls.

Extending Your Downspout

When your gutters discharge water near your home’s foundation, and the water isn’t being channeled out, most of the water will seep directly into the soil surrounding your home. The water will also pool and keep draining into the soil even after the storm has passed. Too much water draining through the soil significantly increases that chance that your basement will leak, as well as contribute to foundation issues via hydrostatic pressure.

With the quick installation of downspout extensions on your gutters, this problem can easily be averted. An extension added to your downspout is a cost-effective way to ensure that roof water is kept away from your home and you never have to worry about cleaning because they are clog-resistant!


Downspout Extension

This is an above-ground downspout extension that installs easily and is great for extending over different ground covers such as mulch, rocks, or grass in a landscaped area. This extension can easily be moved out of the way when replanting or mulching. It also flushes away leaves and debris to keep the line unclogged and maintenance-free.

In Ground Downspout Extension

This product has a low profile that allows you to set the top edges of the extension flush with the surrounding ground. No need to worry about navigation, your lawn mower can go right over this recessed drainage channel. It sits best where your lawn goes up to meet with the foundation.

Lawn Outlet

When a downspout is connected to an underground drain pipe, use this outlet at the daylight end of the drain line. The grated lid keeps out rodents and debris and it can be easily removed if the drain line ever needs to be cleared.

If you’re looking for basement waterproofing experts in the Atlanta, Athens, and Marietta areas, look no further than AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, the premier foundation repair, and waterproofing professionals! Contact us today for a free estimate!

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