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Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Athens, GA

Concrete is everywhere, and so are problems like cracking and sinking slabs. AquaGuard has the tools and training to diagnose and fix these issues the right way the first time.

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Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Athens, GA

Concrete is a durable, versatile material used to construct everything from your home’s foundation and slab floors to your outdoor patio, driveway, and sidewalk. But environmental forces like Athens’ sandy soil and year-round rain take their toll over time. They also lead to problems that not only impact your concrete’s appearance, but its safety, as well. 

Our team at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is familiar with all these issues and how to address them to enhance your property’s safety, appearance, and value. Our customer service is second-to-none, and our exclusive concrete lifting and leveling solution has been trusted by Athens homeowners for more than 25 years. You can count on our team to diagnose your concrete problems and repair them with the best, long-lasting fix tailored to your home’s unique needs. 

The AquaGuard Process

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One of our contact center representatives will reach out to you to determine your problem and set the best time for one of our certified field inspectors to visit your home.

Consult with Our Certified Inspector

Our certified field inspector will visit your home to observe the problems in your home and inspect other areas of your home that may have been impacted.

Installation of Customized Solutions

Our professional production crew installs patented, American-made solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

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Concrete Problem Signs in Athens

If there’s one thing we can say about concrete deterioration, it’s that signs of trouble are quite obvious to the untrained eye. Cracks, sinking slabs, an uneven driveway or sidewalk, uneven concrete stairs, pitting, flaking, staining, and other issues are all possible problems with the concrete on your property. These damages not only detract from the appearance of your home, but also pose a risk to anybody driving or walking on the damaged concrete. Uneven slabs, in particular, are tripping hazards, and your vehicle could also be damaged by constantly negotiating bumpy surfaces. Before things worsen, it’s best to seek professional assistance with a free inspection and repair estimate

What are the Common Causes of Concrete Damage in Athens?

Several factors can cause concrete to suffer damage, although exposure to the elements is the most common source. The area’s typically sandy soil tends to dry out in hot weather and flood and wash away in overly wet conditions. Athens usually receives 48 inches of rain each year, which is much more than the national average. This may cause soil to wash out and erode, leaving the concrete unsupported. The slabs will then sink into the ground as they seek stability. 

Concrete Lifting and Leveling Solutions in Athens

AquaGuard provides a cutting-edge concrete lifting and leveling solution in place of antiquated, intrusive methods like mudjacking. The polyurethane foam injections we use are lightweight, strong, simple for our crew to install, cure quickly, and can be used on a variety of areas. This technique may be used to raise concrete steps, driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, internal slab floors, and more. The exact lifting and stabilization of the slabs is made possible by the expansion of the polyurethane foam after it has been injected beneath the concrete to cover any voids. Better yet, this method is waterproof and eco-friendly, and you can go back to using your concrete the same day as the installation! 

Why Choose AquaGuard Foundation Solutions?

Homeowners in the Athens area are familiar with issues with cracked and uneven slabs of concrete. You don’t, however, have to put up with these ugly risks. With a unique AquaGuard fix, your concrete may be effectively raised and repaired. You are in good hands with locally based team that is highly attuned to Athens’ weather and unstable soils, and their effects on concrete. Our trustworthy repairs and top-notch customer service are second to none. 

For more than 25 years, AquaGuard has assisted homeowners just like you in Athens and the surrounding areas with concrete repair, and we are prepared to assist you as well. Don’t let your home suffer because of your cracked concrete. To book your free concrete inspection and repair estimate, contact us today. 

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