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Wet basement with stain marks on wall

Water Leaks Under Foundation

If you notice any water leaks in your basement or crawl space, there could be several culprits. The primary culprit is rainwater.

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pooled water in yard

When it rains heavily, the expansive soil that surrounds and supports your home’s foundation can oversaturate and allow water to funnel through too quickly. If your exterior drainage system isn’t working properly, then one of two things will happen:

a) the water can press in on your foundation walls, resulting in wall cracks or water intrusion,

b) the water can funnel underneath your foundation, washing out the soil below.

When the soil supporting your home is compromised and washes out, it will erode away, leaving air pockets or voids. That void-laden soil cannot support the weight of the heavy foundation walls that sit on top of it, and so those walls will shift, or settle, resulting in stair-step or vertical cracks. This can be a serious structural issue for your home.

We Can Help

Fortunately, we can help. We provide two different foundation piering solutions, each of which is engineer-designed and tested to permanently stabilize your foundation walls. Be it helical piers, which are installed mechanically from the exterior of your home or push piers, which are hydraulically-driven and can be installed from inside your house, our patented piering solutions essentially provide legs for your house, ensuring your walls never settle further. In some cases, your walls can even be lifted back to their original position.

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