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Foundation Problem Signs in Atlanta, GA

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Common Foundation Problem Signs 

Foundations can suffer from any number of problem signs, but the following are the most common ones we encounter out in the field. Knowing what they are could save you thousands on repairs down the road.

Close up of stair step cracking on brick wall

Wall Cracks

Every building wears the flaws of its foundation – If a foundation moves, the house that sits atop inevitably moves along with it. Unfortunately, this movement is rarely even and causes all kinds of cosmetic and structural damage to your Georgia home. Cracks on your home’s interior or exterior walls are typically the first sign to indicate that your home may have structural damage. On the interior, these cracks appear around the frames of doors and windows – the same is true for exterior walls. If your exterior walls are made of brick, what you might find instead is a crack in the mortar that resembles stairs.

basement foundation external where sewage drains are placed

Foundation Leaks

With more than 50 inches of rain annually, it should be no surprise that water is a primary cause of foundation damage in North Georgia. A foundation leak can be caused by poor drainage around your home, cracks caused by intrusive roots, uneven soil settling, or plumbing failures. Whatever the cause, foundation leaks are nothing to ignore. If you notice condensation or standing water around your foundation, you should act before the problem worsens. 

sagging floors in interior of home

Floor and Wall Gaps

Houses are built with the expectation that nothing will move in the future. Unfortunately, if a foundation does move, which is often the case rather than the exception, it can cause a discrepancy in an once level and flush wall. If you notice a gap between your wall and floor, the underlying foundation has begun to move and needs to be corrected. Thankfully, AquaGuard offers foundation repair solutions to correct wall gaps before any irreversible structural damage occurs. 

Foundation Settlement During Winter Months

Foundation Cracks

The presence of cracks in a foundation is a clear problem sign. Cracks are indicative of uneven settling. If your foundation has cracked, the most effective and permanent solution is to install helical, push, or slab piers that prevents the foundation from settling again.

Contact AquaGuard Before the Problem Signs Turn into Bigger Problems

Early detection of the problem signs is the key to preventing extensive structural damage to your home. The out of sight, out of mind approach leaves your residence and bank account vulnerable to expensive repairs in the future. The AquaGuard team consists of more than 150 professionals that have the expertise needed to provide an affordable and long-lasting foundation repair solution to protect your investment in your home. 

Do not wait until it’s too late. Contact AquaGuard today to schedule a free inspection and get the foundation repair solutions you and your home deserve.

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