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Causes of Foundation Damage in Atlanta, GA

The sandy composition of North Georgia soil, along with our much higher than average rainfall, creates a perfect storm for foundation damaging conditions. Everything from uneven settling in the ground to intrusive tree roots and inadequate drainage can cause extensive damage to the foundation of many Atlanta homes.

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Settling Soil

Settling soil is a leading cause of foundation damage, and the environmental conditions of North Georgia don’t do much to alleviate this concern. Sandy soil is particularly susceptible to settling, especially when exposed to so much rain. When the soil surrounding a foundation settles unevenly, the foundation does the same. Despite concrete’s incredibly high tensile strength, it can’t flex or bend like other building materials so when the base becomes unlevel it cracks. 

Inadequate Drainage

The average rainfall in North Georgia is nearly twice that of the national average. While the sandy composition of our soil combats flooding, the water doesn’t simply disappear. Saturated soil expands, settles, shifts, and once dry, contracts again. This constant change exerts contradictory forces on all sides and increases the likelihood of cracks in the floor and walls of your foundation. The best solution for this is to install an effective drainage system that keeps water away from your home’s foundation

Tree Roots

Nearly 70% of Georgia is covered in trees. As beautiful as trees are, they present a unique set of problems to foundations. As mentioned earlier, the North Georgia soil has a high sand content, offering little to no opposition to root movement. As such, when tree roots come into contact with a foundation, they unevenly exert pressure on it, which causes the formation of cracks and other common foundation damage.

Save Your Foundation, Save Your Home with AquaGuard!

Dense forest cover, sandy soil, and high rainfall all have the potential to cause costly foundation damage, but AquaGuard has the foundation repair solutions to fix it. Our team of over 150 experts works hard daily to provide the exceptional basement, crawl space, and foundation repair solutions you need to maintain a healthy and safe home.  Don’t ignore the foundation problem signs because they will only get worse. Contact AquaGuard today and schedule your free inspection with a foundation repair expert. 

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