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Four DIY Basement Waterproofing Mistakes

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The majority of any water that leaks into your house will trickle down into the foundation, causing a wet basement and the need to repair it. It is a migraine-inducing problem for most people. Should you attempt to fix it yourself or spend your savings on a contractor? Homeowners that want immediate relief and action will attempt to DIY their way to a dry basement. This doesn’t always work and as soon as they begin the project, they will find that professional foundation repair service is necessary. 

Not Removing Wet Items

If you basement has been flooded, through a burst pipe or natural disaster, you must remove stagnant water as soon as possible. This means items that can absorb and hold lots of water like, bedding, towels, and upholstered furniture. Doing this will cut down on the risk of a mold infestation.

Using Caulk For Cracks

Many homeowners think that using caulk is an easy cure-all for cracks. It can provide a temporary solution, but it won’t last. A professional foundation repair and waterproofing team will be able to assess what your home’s unique need is and recommend a certain repair solution.

Believing Infomercials

You’ve seen the ads before, a simple one-step sealant that will repair your biggest foundation cracks, reattach the sole of your shoe, and seal any part of your car. Products like that are clearly not meant for long-term use — even if they claim so. Remember, quick solutions will lead to the need to make even more repairs in the future.

Not Understanding the Issue

Unless you have background knowledge of waterproofing and contracting, there is a sizable chance that you don’t know the root of the problem. It could be a plethora of different things, or it could just be that one crack. Unless you get a professional’s opinion, you may have fixed a crack that has nothing to do with your damp basement.

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