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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier 

Excess moisture and humidity in your crawl space are more than just nuisances; they can lead to substantial home damage and health hazards. 

Protect your home with AquaGuard’s dependable vapor barrier, your crawl space experts in North Georgia. Our AquaStop™ CrawlSeal™ is designed to tackle these issues, offering an advanced system for crawl space encapsulation. 

As leaders in crawl space encapsulation, we provide a moisture barrier that guarantees the health and longevity of your home. This page explains the advantages of maintaining a dry and securely protected crawl space. 

What is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier? 

A crawl space vapor barrier is a robust plastic layer that covers crawl space walls and bare soil floors. 

This layer is essential in controlling excess moisture, blocking water vapor from entering your crawl space. Vapor barriers  prevent dampness, mold, wood rot, and pest infestations. 

AquaGuard utilizes a strategic approach with CrawlSeal™. This durable, multi-layered sheet effectively defends your home against moisture-related damage. It ensures your crawl space remains secure, improving your home’s overall health

Signs You Need a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier 

It’s important to recognize when a crawl space vapor barrier is necessary. Watch for these signs: 

These symptoms indicate excessive moisture, drainage problems, and other damage types. Being proactive is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy home, and it’s essential to consult crawl space professionals at the first sign of these issues. 

Is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Necessary? 

Yes—a vapor barrier is necessary if your crawl space shows signs of elevated moisture or humidity. Without this barrier, moisture will continue to overwhelm your crawl space, escalating damage and repair costs

Prompt action with AquaGuard’s encapsulation solutions safeguards your home and is a vital part of our holistic approach to maintaining home health. We do not recommend DIY installations, as vapor barriers from general stores are often too thin and fail to adequately protect a crawl space. 

This insufficiency  results in further damage and expensive repairs later. Crawl spaces can pose health and safety risks without appropriate equipment; therefore, it’s safer to rely on professionals who possess the necessary tools, training, and safety gear. 

What Are the Benefits of a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier? 

Installing a vapor barrier to combat moisture offers several benefits: 

  • Improved Air Quality: Our CrawlSeal™ barrier blocks moisture, reducing musty smells and enhancing your home’s air quality. 
  • Enhanced Structural Stability: A dry crawl space is crucial for maintaining your home’s structural integrity. 
  • Energy Efficiency: A dry crawl space improves insulation, enhancing energy efficiency and lowering utility bills. 
  • Pest Deterrence: Moist crawl spaces are attractive to pests like termites. A vapor barrier, combined with other moisture control methods, deters pests and prevents their entry. 

Our CrawlSeal™ liner is designed to resist punctures and includes antimicrobial properties. Together with our encapsulation process, it ensures your crawl space remains clean, dry, and well-ventilated.  

How We Install a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier 

The vapor barrier is crucial to a crawl space encapsulation system, but it’s just one element. Here’s our encapsulation process: 

Choose AquaGuard for reliable crawl space vapor barrier installation. H2: Why Our Crawl Space Vapor Barrier is the Best Choice for Your Home 

The CrawlSeal™ system from AquaGuard outperforms other vapor barriers with these advantages: 

  • Substantial 20-mil thickness 
  • Antimicrobial properties 
  • Resistance to mold, mildew, and punctures 
  • Adaptable sizing for different surfaces 
  • A reflective white finish for a brighter space 
  • Long-term warranty and financing options 

Contact AquaGuard for Crawl Space Encapsulation Today! 

Don’t ignore the harmful effects of a damp, unhealthy crawl space. Trust AquaGuard to create a drier, healthier crawl space with our CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier. 

Homeowners throughout North Georgia have depended on our innovative solutions since 1995. We’re here to help you, too. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection and begin your journey to a safer, more secure home. 


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