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Mold in Crawl Space 

mold growth on floor joist

In North Georgia, dealing with humidity is a common challenge. This moisture, however, can lead to mold growth in your crawl space, a problem many homeowners face. 

Mold in the crawl space often goes unnoticed, quietly flourishing beneath your home, potentially spreading into your living area, and causing health issues over time. 

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions specializes in crawl space encapsulation, providing a secure and healthy home environment. On this page, learn about the causes of mold, its risks, and how our moisture control solutions can keep it at bay. 

What Is Crawl Space Mold? 

Mold is a fungus thriving in moist, dark, and hidden spaces. It often appears in crawl spaces due to elevated humidity, water presence, and organic materials like wood beams. Over time, it slowly east away at the structure of your home. 

Mold appears in various colors and forms like black, brown, white, or greenish spots. Mold spreads through airborne spores, which can move throughout your home as air rises from the crawl space.  

Any amount of mold poses a risk to those with mold allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues. Addressing crawl space mold is vital for protecting your home’s air quality and its overall structure.  

What Causes Crawl Space Mold? 

wet crawl space

Mold growth needs three things: 

  • A food source (organic materials like wood) 
  • Moisture/water 
  • Humid air (above 55%) 

Other contributors to crawl space mold include: 

Addressing these factors promptly is crucial for effective repairs and avoiding further problems. 

Can You Fix Crawl Space Mold? 

Yes, it’s feasible to remedy mold issues in a crawl space, but it requires a detailed plan to tackle both the mold and its underlying causes. 

DIY mold removal methods, such as bleach, won’t provide a real fix. They fail to resolve a mold issue or prevent its recurrence. Additionally, entering your crawl space without proper equipment or knowledge can be dangerous, and we advise against it. 

Professional mold remediation is the most effective approach. At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we utilize soda blasting, a safe and efficient technique, for quick mold removal. 

Our professionals also address the moisture issues causing mold growth. Our methods counteract the conditions that lead to mold growth, ensuring lasting results and safer air quality in your home. 

How to Fix Crawl Space Mold 

As previously mentioned, professional mold removal is the initial step, followed by resolving moisture problems. After removing all visible mold, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions employs the following strategy: 


By following these steps and using AquaGuard Foundation Solutions’ specialized products, designed for crawl space challenges, you ensure optimal mold protection. Our products are superior to general retail options, tailored for your home’s specific needs. 

Why Address Mold in Crawl Space Now 

Addressing mold issues is imperative for several reasons: 

  • Health Benefits: Removing and preventing mold improves indoor air quality, especially benefiting those with allergies or respiratory conditions. 
  • Structural Protection: Addressing mold helps protect your home’s structural components from decay. 
  • Prevent Further Damage: Proactive steps prevent mold from spreading into your living space and causing more extensive damage. You can save money in the long run with our services! 
  • Enhance Home Value: A mold-free crawl space increases your property’s value and makes the home more appealing if you plan on selling. 

Trust AquaGuard Foundation Solutions and our specialized solutions for a comprehensive resolution to your mold problems. We have developed unique products for optimal quality and effectiveness in mold and moisture control. 

Contact AquaGuard Foundation Solutions for Reliable Crawl Space Encapsulation Solutions 

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Don’t let crawl space mold endanger your home and health. The team at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has the expertise and equipment to thoroughly remove mold from your crawl space. 

Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection. Begin the journey to a healthier home for you and your family! 


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