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2 Simple Reasons Curtain Drains Won’t Fix Your Wet Basement

Are you tired of dealing with water in your basement?

You might have heard about “curtain drains” as a possible solution. However, before you consider this option, it’s important to understand why curtain drains won’t work.

What Are Curtain Drains?

Curtain drains, sometimes called “French Drains,” are a type of drainage system consisting of a trench filled with crushed stone that is positioned outside your home and away from its foundation.

The purpose of curtain drains is to redirect surface and subsurface water away from the structure, particularly in areas with sloping terrain. The trench is typically lined with filter fabric to prevent soil particles from clogging the drainage system. While curtain drains are effective in preventing ponding in yards, they are not designed to address water intrusion issues in basements. They are primarily used to intercept and redirect water flowing down slopes, but they cannot be relied upon as a solution for basement waterproofing.

Disclaimer: Some forms of interior basement drainage are also referred to as “French drains,” but the key difference here is that these are placed inside your basement to direct water to a sump pit. From there, the sump pump system moves the water away from your foundation. These “French drains” are the good guys in the story.

The Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Exterior Curtain Drains:

1. Mismatch Purposes

While they may help with preventing ponding in your yard, they are not designed to protect your basement from water intrusion. These drains are typically used on sloping lots to intercept water flowing down the hill, but they are not reliable in preventing water problems in basements.

2. Overstated Effectiveness

Some waterproofing contractors may suggest providing both an outside and inside drain, implying that an outdoor system alone can prevent water from entering your foundation. However, this approach raises a valid question: If an outside drain is sufficient, why would you need an indoor drainage system?

It is important to note that the depth of these outside drains is often inadequate, and the installation process may involve digging a shallow trench of approximately 12 inches. In cases where obstacles like porches or driveways are encountered, the installation process may be interrupted and restarted on the other side. As a result, the effectiveness of these drains as a solution may be limited.

What’s a Better Option?: Call Aquaguard for Reliable Interior Basement Drainage!

When it comes to addressing wet basement issues, it’s essential to consider more reliable and effective solutions.

Instead of relying on exterior curtain drains, the best option for you is always going to be professional basement waterproofing services from Aquaguard.

Interior drains, sump pumps, wall vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers are among the essential solutions that a Groundworks inspector might recommend to ensure your basement remains dry and protected.

Call us today for a free inspection of your basement and reliable, trustworthy waterproofing services in the Greater Atlanta area!

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