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BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System

Addressing a wet, leak-prone basement can be daunting for homeowners. It not only poses a risk to a healthy living environment but also compromises the structural fortitude of your home. 

That’s why we install the BasementGutter™ interior drainage system—a permanent, reliable remedy for your basement’s water seepage woes. As the foremost experts in basement waterproofing in Northern Georgia, we deliver drainage solutions that are customized to your specific requirements. 

After reading this page, you’ll understand why investing in a high-quality interior drainage system is one of the best ways to ensure a moisture-free basement and a safer home overall. 

What is Interior Drainage? 

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we know how infuriating it can be when conventional systems like floor and footing drains are unsuccessful, leaving you with a damp basement. 

That’s why we offer a premium substitute. AquaGuard Interior Drainage is a cutting-edge drainage system positioned along the inside border of your basement. It proficiently channels water creeping down the walls or emerging from wall-floor joints to your sump pump for evacuation. 

Installation occurs within the sub-floor, meticulously located above the footing and distanced from the “mud zone,” ensuring a design resistant to blockage. A 3/8” wall flange lets any water leaking from the walls flow seamlessly into the Interior Drainage system. 

This drainage mechanism is a pivotal component of a holistic home waterproofing plan, giving you tranquility and a healthier living environment. 

Signs You Need Interior Drainage 

If you observe any of the below-listed indicators, it’s time to think about installing an interior drainage system: 

Ignoring these warning signs can lead to significant damage over time. Seek assistance from a trusted local professional like AquaGuard Foundation Solutions the moment you identify these signs. 

Taking prompt action can protect your home from severe damages and save on extensive repair costs. 

Is Interior Drainage Essential? 

Yes. Neglecting to implement a proper interior drainage system can result in a host of problems like structural deterioration or damage to personal items in your basement. 

Keep in mind, DIY fixes and superficial repairs are not advised. They are generally ineffective and only provide a temporary fix at best. The task of waterproofing basements is best entrusted to seasoned professionals, such as the team at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions. 

Integrating AquaGuard Interior Drainage in our holistic home solutions ensures the durability and safety of your property. 

Benefits of an Interior Drainage System? 

  • Wards Off Water Damage: An Interior Drainage system diverts water away from walls and floors, preventing standing water and keeping your possessions dry while reducing the risk of mold. 
  • Works with Other Solutions: It is engineered to work in conjunction with our other waterproofing solutions and can be synchronized with basement wall repair systems. 
  • Enhances Foundation Longevity: By deflecting water from walls and floors, it preserves the foundation, preventing decay and fractures. 
  • Ensures Peace of Mind: Our dependable drainage system ensures efficient water management, eliminating worries during rainy days! 

To fully leverage these advantages, employing our specialized products and services is essential. Our offerings are devised to surpass standard solutions, granting optimal protection. 

How We Install BasementGutter™ Internal Drainage  

Post a thorough home inspection and confirmation of the need for our interior drainage system, our accredited installation process encompasses: 

  • Excavating 6-12 inches of concrete around the internal perimeter. 
  • Drilling weep holes in the lower sections of the concrete block walls to facilitate water flow. 
  • Positioning the drainage inside the trench and backfilling with stone. 
  • Installing a vapor barrier on the walls above for extra protection. 
  • Linking the drainage channel to the sump pump
  • Restoring the concrete floor with fresh cement. 

Our extensive approach also involves the fitting of a wall vapor barrier, dehumidifier, and an anti-freeze discharge line attachment

For proficient installation and enduring outcomes, trust AquaGuard Foundation Solutions. 

Why Choose Our Interior Drainage for Your Residence? 

The AquaGuard Interior Drainage System stands out due to its advanced features and reliability, which include: 

  • Innovative anti-clog design 
  • Quickly captures water from walls, floors, and wall-floor joints 
  • Smooth integration with other waterproofing solutions 
  • Comprehensive warranty  
  • Optional annual maintenance plans 

Generic options and off-the-shelf solutions often fail due to blockages and subsequent damages. In contrast, AquaGuard Interior Drainage, exclusive to AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, is the superior choice for maintaining a dry basement for the long term. 

Reach Out to AquaGuard Foundation Solutions for Interior Drainage Solutions Today! 

Avoid letting a leaky basement diminish your property’s worth and safety. Choose AquaGuard Foundation Solutions for reliable, first-rate solutions. Connect with us today for a complimentary, commitment-free inspection. 

Our advanced drainage system offers unparalleled protection for your prized asset. Homeowners in Northern Georgia have been trusting us to fortify and revitalize their homes for over 20 years. We’re ready to assist you as well. 


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