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Foundation Repair

Floor Leveling

Floor Leveling Learn More

Before you start looking for DIY solutions for your home’s uneven floors, it’s a good idea to call a foundation repair contractor for a proper inspection of your home’s structural stability. Although a sloping or uneven floor may seem like a minor problem, it’s often a sign of underlying foundation, crawl space, or soil issues. […]

Main Street, Woodstock, GA

Main Street, Woodstock, GA Learn More

The Challenge General contractor Cox & Company approached AquaGuard’s Structural Department seeking expertise on foundations and flooring for a building they were retrofitting in the historical city of Woodstock, GA. Senior Project Manager Chris Graeff said that he was concerned about the age of the building as it dated back to the turn of the […]



Tom DiGregorio founded AquaGuard Waterproofing Contractors Inc in 1995 on the premise of wanting to build a company that stood head-and-shoulders above the competition in the contracting industry. At that time, home service contractors had established quite a dreadful reputation, as many maintain today. From not arriving on time, to not following up with correspondence, […]

Residential Failing Foundation Walls

Residential Failing Foundation Walls Learn More

A couple of weeks ago it rained and rained here in Atlanta, nearly 7 inches in a 3-day span. Homeowners’ anxiety levels no doubt soared because heavy rains are one of the biggest catalysts of foundation wall failure.

Warehouse Woes in Marietta

Warehouse Woes in Marietta Learn More

The Challenge AquaGuard Foundation Solutions were approached by a Commercial Company to assist them with resolving concerns in their Warehouse. The company moved into the warehouse premises in January 2016, and after 6 months of being in the building, they started noticing cracks on the interior block walls, a sizable crack in the concrete floor […]

Identifying Foundation Problems Before Buying a House – PART 1

Identifying Foundation Problems Before Buying a House – PART 1 Learn More

What do you think enemy number 1 is when it comes to home care? Home Inspectors across the nation name water as a home owner’s primary concern. Water damage to the structure is the most pervasive and costly, causing foundation problems, rotting and of course, growth of the dreaded mold. As you excitedly head out the […]

Back-Yard Sink-Hole Repair for the City of Newnan

Back-Yard Sink-Hole Repair for the City of Newnan Learn More

The Problem The City of Newnan contacted us to examine a sink hole in a resident’s back yard. On investigation we discovered that the buried 48-inch corrugated metal pipe was bent, causing several of the pipe’s joints to separate. This separation allowed support soil from below, around and above to flow into the pipe causing […]

Horizontal Wall Cracks? What’s Really Occurring

Horizontal Wall Cracks? What’s Really Occurring Learn More

Horizontal wall cracks can be more dangerous than stair-stepping or vertical cracks. These horizontal cracks usually mean that your wall is failing because expansive soils are pressing against your foundation wall. Without proper care, horizontal cracks will widen over time and eventually the wall will completely fail.  What causes horizontal wall cracks? Expansive soil is […]

Stair Step or Vertical Wall Cracks? What’s Really Occurring

Stair Step or Vertical Wall Cracks? What’s Really Occurring Learn More

Cracking walls are concerning no matter which direction they travel. However, different cracks can have different causes depending on whether they are diagonal, vertical, or horizontal. Stair-step cracks or vertical cracks in your walls may have a few different causes.  What is Causing Those Vertical or Stair-Step Cracks? Foundation Settlement If your home was built […]

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