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Effloresence on wall

What is Efflorescence besides a really hard word to spell? That’s a great question and it’s probably something we’ve all seen without knowing what it is. It can happen in any basement.

Effloresence on wall

AquaGuard sees basements with efflorescence on the walls every week in homes in Athens , Acworth and Austell as well as Metro Atlanta and throughout North Georgia. It is a common problem in concrete and masonry block foundations. The White powdery or fuzzy looking stuff you see along the inside and outside of your basement wall is efflorescence. It isn’t t hazardous but it is annoying and if you’re selling your home an agent or home inspector may point it out to so as a problem. Efflorescence is really salt and it means that you have a moisture problem and if gone untreated can cause deterioration.

Water seeps through the block or the concrete wall and dissolves minerals. As water evaporates from the surface of the block the (salt) deposits are left behind, and salt crystals can grow, just like that old science project most of us did in school with the pencil, string and water with salt in it. Generally, it is a visual problem but it can cause the surface to peel, pop out or flake off too. Salt pushes from the inside out and can eventually cause crumbling and deterioration.

If you removed it and it doesn’t return great, but in most cases it does return. If you see efflorescence crystals it usually means there is a leak somewhere letting outside water in. At this point, it is important to have an expert basement waterproofing company look at the walls and determine the most effective customized waterproofing solution for your basement.

If you have efflorescence on your basement walls, we have the experience and expertise to design a custom basement waterproofing system that will divert water away from your basement. Our systems give you peace of mind that you won’t see any more of that white stuff!

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