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Foundation Crack Repair: The Ultimate Guide

Crack through exterior bricks at home.

Believe it or not, foundation cracks actually pose one of the largest threats to your home. After all, the foundation of your home supports the entire structure—foundation cracks can cause further damage to floors, walls, doors, and windows. Foundation crack repair is important.

Remember this, if nothing else: foundation cracks are a serious issue, but modern foundation repair methods can easily fix cracks and prevent them in the future.

3 Best Methods of Foundation Crack Repair

We want to make it clear: foundation cracks are not just some cosmetic issue that will go away on its own.

Foundation cracks will always get worse over time. For that reason, the only way to truly fix them is with professional solutions. Let’s outline three of the most common methods:

1. Foundation Piers

Arguably the most effective solution for foundation cracks are one of three foundation pierspush piers, helical piers, or slab piers. Each pier system does the same thing: redistribute the load of your home’s foundation to make it stronger and more stabilized.

All pier systems drive deep into the ground where they are embedded into bedrock or other sturdy soil. This provides the strength needed to properly support your foundation well into the future.

Choosing which pier system is best for your home depends on a few factors such as the size of your yard, the size of your home, and the location of the foundation cracks.

Foundation crack repair pier installed on home.

2. Wall Repair

If your home has a basement, the foundation walls themselves could crack. In order to fix them, the best course of action is to install wall repair options such as:

Each of these foundation crack repair tools fit against basement walls, stabilizing and straightening them over time. Once installed, foundation cracks may even close and the wall will stay protected for years to come.

foundation crack repair Wall braces installed to stabilize basement walls.

3. Crawl Space Support Jacks

Homes with a crawl space may experience foundation cracks if the original crawl space support beams start to fail (usually due to mold or wood rot). Many crawl spaces have brick or block walls surrounding them, so when the structure becomes weak, the walls will crack.

Foundation crack repair in your crawl space is possible with crawl space support jacks. These are adjustable steel beams that are attached to the weakest support beams in your crawl space and then tightened to provide newfound strength to the foundation—closing and preventing cracks in the process.

Crawl space supports installed at home.

Can I Fix Foundation Cracks On My Own?

Foundation crack repair is NOT a DIY project. Foundation issues are symptoms of underlying structural problems that are best handled by professionals. Attempting a DIY fix can lead to an inadequate fix that fails to address the root cause, potentially making the situation worse and leading to more expensive repairs in the future.

Plus, improperly repaired foundations significantly affect the safety and value of your home. For these reasons, it’s best to consult with a qualified foundation repair specialist to ensure the problem is properly diagnosed and rectified. AquaGuard provides free inspections to help you take the first steps toward a better foundation!

What Causes Foundation Cracks?

Foundation cracks are usually caused by soil issues on your property. For instance, during periods of heavy rainfall or snowmelt, water will displace the soil supporting your foundation. Sometimes, this looks like erosion, and other times it looks like soil expansion. In either case, your foundation will settle unevenly and potentially sink into the ground. When your foundation moves like this, cracks tend to form along the foundation walls.

Why Are Foundation Cracks a Problem?

Foundation cracks are an issue solely because they threaten the structural integrity of your entire home. As foundation cracks progress, they lead to other issues in your home such as uneven floors, floor cracks, and stuck doors and windows. Putting off foundation crack repair will only make things worse.

Schedule a Free Foundation Inspection With AquaGuard

Aquaguard truck ready to help homeowners.

Seeing cracks around your home and looking for a trusted foundation crack repair professional? Consider working with AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, Northern Georgia’s trusted foundation repair company since 1995.

With industry leading foundation repair solutions and expert team with nearly 30 years of service, we approach every situation with professionalism and a drive to make things better. Contact us to schedule a free inspection today!


Most foundation wall repairs take 1-2 days, and you can stay in your home while we do them.  

The cost of repairs depends on many different factors like the size of your home, the extent of the damage, the nature of the repair method, and permitting. But rest assured, we do everything we can to fit our work into your budget with flexible financing. The best way to find out how much repairs will cost is to get a free inspection from us. On the day of our inspection, we’ll give you the exact price of our work with no hidden fees ever baked in. 

Cracks that go unrepaired will only get worse and threaten your home’s stability and your family’s safety. 

Wall cracks will widen, you might not be able to close or open doors or windows, and floors may be uneven. 

It’s possible the foundation could sink far enough into the ground that your house becomes unlivable. Or worse yet, walls could cave in. 

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