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Slab Pier

The AquaGuard Slab Pier System. Warrantied piering solutions for sinking foundation slab floors.

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Depending on what type of problem your foundation is experiencing, we offer many different foundation repair solutions. Slab piers are best used for concrete slabs that have settled. They are installed underneath the sunken slab and can be adjusted for additional support in the future if needed. 

Technical Features of Slab Piers:

  • Can be installed any time of year
  • Resistant to corrosion with galvanized steel
  • Installed deep into the soil to reach load-bearing strata
  • Minimal disturbance during installation
  • Life-of-Structure Manufacturer’s Warranty

Types of Slab Piers

We offer two different types of slab piers: push-type slab piers and helical slab piers. Both types of piers drill deep down into the soil and use the same equipment that can access small areas of your home to lift slabs back into place.

Push-Type Slab Piers

Push piers use hydraulics to drive the piers deep down into the soil. They are attached to the concrete slab by a bracket and are driven through that bracket to reach load-bearing soils.

Helical Slab Piers

Helical piers include helical blades that are attached to the pier that resemble a large screw. These types of piers are drilled down into the soil through the helical blades until load-bearing soil is reached. 

Once both types of piers are installed, the concrete slab is transferred onto the piers and is lifted back up to its original position. As a final step, we inject a small amount of PolyRenewal to stabilize the soil and prevent any future settlement. 

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