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Wall Anchors

Are your basement walls showing signs of wear such as cracks or bowing? These symptoms signal that your foundation walls require additional support.

With a dependable wall anchor system from AquaGuard, you can stabilize your foundation and halt further damage. Strengthen your home’s basement now and prevent more expensive repairs later on. 

What Exactly Are Basement Wall Anchors? 

Wall anchors are metal brackets that are inserted into both the interior basement walls and the adjacent ground. A wall anchor system is made of two key elements: 

  • Anchor brackets fastened to the inner side of the basement wall via expansion bolts. 
  • Steel rods linking the brackets to pins drilled deeply into sturdy soil. 

The anchors reach into firm ground further away from your foundation, providing ample support for your basement walls by transferring their weight away from unstable soil. Wall anchors not only halt sideways movement but continue to fortify the foundation as they are tightened. 

Indicators You Require Wall Anchors 

Common signs that your home’s foundation needs wall anchors encompass: 

  • Basement Wall Cracks: Cracks on walls or stair-step gaps at corners indicate inward wall movement. 
  • Bowing Walls: Walls that seem to be arching or angling inward at the top or bottom necessitate reinforcement. 
  • Moisture in Your Basement: Water entering through wall cracks usually results in water damage to any belongings in the basement. 
  • Musty Smells: Musty aromas imply that water has infiltrated the basement, and mold is forming

Installing wall anchors at the initial indicators of deterioration can prevent these issues from escalating. 

Are Basement Wall Anchors Essential? 

Your basement could look like this if you ignore wall damage.

Fortifying weakened foundation walls with a wall anchor system is crucial if you wish to prevent further structural issues. Wall anchors also help deter water ingress into your basement via wall fissures. 

Ignoring cracks or curved walls may also result in mold formation, potentially hazardous living environments, or even extensive structural failure. Taking action promptly is always advantageous. 

We advise incorporating wall anchors into a comprehensive basement waterproofing strategy. Installing additional waterproofing solutions like interior drains or vapor barriers allows the wall anchors to work even better. 

Advantages of AquaGuard Wall Anchors 

Our wall anchor systems provide your home with numerous advantages:  

  • Halt wall movement  
  • Stabilize bowing walls  
  • Shift foundation weight to stable to prevent settlement 
  • Halt the growth of pre-existing cracks 
  • Circumvent expensive foundation replacement 

Our exclusive wall anchors also blend flawlessly with other solutions like drainage systems or carbon fiber fortification. 

How We Install Wall Anchors 

Our accredited wall anchor installation procedure involves: 

  • Excavating small pits outside the foundation to expose the walls 
  • Drilling guide holes for the anchor rods into resilient soil 
  • Securing steel brackets onto the foundation walls 
  • Hydraulically driving anchor rods until resistance is felt 
  • Affixing the extended rods to the wall brackets 
  • Filling the pits after brackets are safely anchored 
  • Making periodic tightening adjustments to realign walls 

Appropriate wall anchor installation is vital for strengthening foundation walls and restoring structural integrity. As leading local specialists, AquaGuard adheres to proper guidelines and best practices, ensuring your wall anchor system offers the maximum structural support. 

Why Our Wall Anchor Solution is Your Best Option 

AquaGuard offers an optional yearly maintenance plan, financing options, and a warranty that is transferable if you decide to sell your home. AquaGuard Foundation Repair also provides alternative solutions like internal drainage to complement our wall repair methods. 

With expertly designed solutions and committed service for over 20 years, we stand as the premier foundation repair company in Northern Georgia. 

Work With AquaGuard for Your Basement Repair Needs 

For the best protection against basement damage, you can count on the wall anchor system from AquaGuard. Our industry-leading solutions will keep your home’s foundation firmly anchored for years to come. 

Book a free inspection to better understand how wall anchors can meet the needs of your home and make your basement a safer place. Fortify your home’s foundation today and halt damage in its tracks with AquaGuard wall anchors! 


Installation time varies based on project size and the extent of foundation issues. A standard installation typically spans one to three days. 

Our installation technique aims to minimize harm to your landscaping. We exercise caution to preserve your property and restore the landscape as closely as possible to its original state. 

Absolutely, our wall anchor system is compatible with all varieties of foundation walls, including concrete block and poured concrete. Our team will assess your unique situation and suggest the most suitable remedy for your needs. 

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