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Basement Dehumidifier System

The AquaGuard™ Efficient Dehumidification System.

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AquaGuard Dehumidifier

Do you have a damp humid basement? Have you noticed condensation or even mold developing? If that sounds like your basement, you need a AquaStop™ dehumidifier system from AquaGuard Foundation Solutions! Our top of the line dehumidifier will dry out your basement and ensure that you have a clean, healthy space.

To schedule a free dehumidifier installation quote, call us or click below! We provide our services to homeowners throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, Marietta, Decatur, and nearby.

What It Does

The AquaStop™ CX Dehumidifier is a powerful dehumidification system that has been specifically designed for the unique environment provided by a basement or crawl space.
Our innovative system is small enough to fit into tight spaces, while its powerful 300CFM fan keeps dry air circulating throughout the space.
This dehumidifier is a self-draining system — so there’s no need to constantly empty collection trays. A Merv-11 air filtration system is included to filter mold, dust mite waste, and other allergens as small as two microns.

Advantages Of Our System:

  • Removes up to 109 pints/day
  • ENERGY STAR® Rated
  • Powerful 300CFM fan
  • Self-draining; optional condensate pump
  • Operating temp: 40°F-95°F
  • Easy knob operation for adjustments
  • Installed with a MERV-11 air filter
  • A warrantied solution for your home

Seal The Space, Then Dry It!

For the same reasons that you wouldn’t heat a home while a window was open, it’s not a good idea to dehumidify a below-grade space that has not been sealed with an airtight vapor barrier. Moisture will constantly enter your basement or crawl space through concrete, grout, exposed dirt, and through open vents and windows. Plumbing leaks and groundwater flooding, if present, will also significantly contribute to moisture, and should be addressed before any dehumidification takes place.
Sealing your crawl space with a vapor barrier, airtight doors, and vent covers can protect a crawl space from this moisture intrusion. Similarly, sealing your basement with waterproof floor matting and wall paneling will hold back much of the moisture that would otherwise pass in. Installing panels of rigid foam insulation on the walls can do double duty for your basement — providing both a vapor barrier and an energy efficiency upgrade for your home.

Install An AquaStop™ Air System In Your Basement!

When it comes to creating a drier, healthier, and more energy efficient basement, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is the company you’re looking for! Our experienced professionals have the training, certifications, and warrantied products you need to keep your home dry all the time!

For a free dehumidifier quote for your basement or crawl space, contact us by phone or e-mail today! We proudly serve the Georgia area, including Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Sandy Springs, Athens, Gainesville, Roswell, Norcross, and the surrounding areas.

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Schedule a free inspection
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