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Over Spanned Floor Joists

Getting around your home when it has dipping, uneven floors is inconvenient and poses a risk to your safety. Over spanned floor joists are one of the most common reasons a floor starts to dip. 

Protecting your residence from this issue requires help from professionals. AquaGuard is known for our leading crawl space repair techniques, and we offer modern solutions designed to fix over spanned floor joists and prevent them from happening again. 

We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of over spanned floor joists, their origins, and repair strategies. Learn why AquaGuard has been trusted by homeowners since 1995! 

What Are Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

Over spanned floor joists occur when the joists—horizontal structural beams that support your floors—are spaced too broadly or become too weak to hole the floor’s weight adequately, compromising the floor’s stability.  

Over spanned floor joists lead to a number of issues inside your home. Some of the most common indicators that your home has over spanned floor joists include: 

Proper joist repair is essential for a flat, firm floor that can withstand normal activities and uphold various objects in your home. Keeping an eye out for damage is critical to acting quickly. 

What Causes Over Spanned Floor Joists?

The vulnerability of floor joists to damage stems from their positioning beneath your house, which can lead to unseen causes. 

Being cognizant of potential causes for crawl space harm is beneficial. Be vigilant for: 

  • High Amounts of Moisture: Excess water in the crawl space can cause joists to bend and floors to dip. 
  • Pest Infestation: Pests like termites can weaken joist durability as they feed on wood. 
  • Foundation Issues: Foundation settlement and sinking can lead to immense stress spread unevenly throughout the floor joists. 
  • Poor Construction: An initial over-spacing of joists during construction can result in inadequate support later. 
  • Wear and Tear: As time goes on, the floors and joists can deteriorate without proper reinforcement or attention. 

To protect the structural integrity of your dwelling, it’s imperative to spot and tackle these issues swiftly. Regular maintenance can uncover problems early, helping avoid extensive repairs and expenses. 

Can You Fix Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

Indeed, rectifying over spanned floor joists is crucial to prevent further deterioration and ensure your abode’s safety and solidity. 

Stopgap solutions like sistering joists or setting up provisional posts usually fail to provide a permanent fix. DIY methods or generic products are not only risky but often fail to address the real issue. 

AquaGuard offers comprehensive solutions that bolster your entire home structure, safeguarding against future damage to your floor joists and preserving your home’s structural health in the long run. 

How AquaGuard Fixes Over Spanned Floor Joists 

To effectively tackle over spanned floor joist issues, AquaGuard: 

  • Conducting a detailed inspection to assess damage and formulate a repair strategy.  
  • Custom-fitting steel IntelliJack™ supports for your crawl space’s specific measurements.  
  • Installing the IntelliJack™ supports and securely affixing them to the floor joists.  
  • Fine-tuning the support system (if needed) to guarantee long-lasting floor stability.  
  • Applying waterproofing measures such as drainage and sump pumps.  
  • Sealing off vents and installing new crawl space doors where necessary.  
  • Covering crawl space walls with thermal insulation.  
  • Encapsulating with a heavy-duty vapor barrier.  
  • Setting up a dehumidification system for ongoing moisture control.  
  • Offering optional maintenance to ensure a durable solution.  

AquaGuard’s specialized, top-tier products are custom-fit for your needs, outperforming other options to provide the best outcome for your property. The IntelliJack™ system not only addresses structural concerns but also helps manage the moisture that could lead to joist damage. 

Why Address Over Spanned Floor Joists Now 

Immediate repair of over spanned floor joists is imperative for: 

  • Preventing Further Damage: Timely repairs can thwart more severe complications, protecting your home’s framework. 
  • Ensuring Safety: Solid, stable floors are crucial for the safety of your household. 
  • Maintaining Property Value: Structural repairs may help to maintain or even improve your property’s market value. 
  • Cost Savings in the Future: Early intervention can prevent larger, more costly repairs down the road. 

Depend on AquaGuard for our unique, proprietary solutions to comprehensively address over spanned floor joists, offering the complete support your home deserves. 

Contact AquaGuard for Reliable Crawl Space Repair Solutions 

Don’t overlook the tell-tale signs; sagging and uneven floors from over spanned floor joists signify substantial structural red flags. AquaGuard stands ready to support you in overcoming this challenge. 

Contact AquaGuard today for a no-cost inspection and to discuss your repair alternatives. Our specialists are equipped to design a robust floor support plan, securing your home’s stability for years to come. Start safeguarding your home now. 


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