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Bouncy Floors

Your home’s floors should feel firm and stable, but if you notice a bounciness as you walk, there are bigger issues at play. 

Bouncy floors should not be dismissed as a quirky part of an old home or a minor nuisance that will resolve on its own. This problem points toward serious structural issues building in your crawl space that require urgent attention. 

AquaGuard is committed to addressing these structural concerns for homeowners in Northern Georgia. Our professional crawl space repair services tackle the root problems causing saggy floors to prevent further damage. 

What Are Bouncy Floors? 

Bouncy floors are characterized by an evident flexing, springiness, or drooping sensation when walked upon. This issue is often more pronounced in upper-level floors with a crawl space underneath. 

When floor joists and the structural supports beneath them are compromised in strength or stability, they may not adequately support the floor’s weight, resulting in a noticeable dip with applied pressure. Other signs of bouncy floors in your home include: 

While bouncy floors may first appear as a minor hassle, they are typically indicative of deeper, more severe structural problems that will worsen over time. Contact a crawl space repair expert like AquaGuard at the first sign of an issue. 

Why Your Home Has Bouncy Floors 

Resolving bouncy floors begins with being able to identify the contributing factors. The most frequent causes include: 

  • Moisture in the Crawl Space: Excess humidity or water in the crawl space can lead to the wooden structures absorbing moisture, causing rot and ultimately floor springiness. 
  • Invasive Pests: Termites and insects can significantly weaken your subfloor structure as they feed on wood. 
  • Floor Joist Concerns: Incorrect spacing of floor joists may result in insufficient support for the floors. 
  • Flawed Installations: Poor initial installation can lead to bouncy floors over time. 
  • Foundation Shifts: Shifting or settling of the home’s foundation can cause floor misalignment, leading to springiness. 
  • Age of the Home: The natural aging and deterioration process can also make floors feel bouncy without proper maintenance. 

AquaGuard experts are trained to identify these issues, ensuring the crawl space structure is securely reinforced to carry the load of the floor above. 

Can You Fix Bouncy Floors? 

Indeed, bouncy floors can be repaired, and it’s advisable to tackle this issue professionally. 

Avoid temporary fixes or DIY solutions that don’t get to the heart of the problem and can be hazardous to implement without expertise. 

Our professional process starts with a comprehensive assessment to determine the cause of your floor’s instability. We then create a custom strategy aimed not only at stabilizing but also at correcting the floor’s positioning. 

How to Fix Bouncy Floors 

AquaGuard’s process for fixing bouncy floors is comprehensive, assuring your home’s security and structural stability. Our method looks like this: 

The IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks are engineered for superior load-bearing capacity, surpassing typical industry standards and solidifying your home’s structural integrity for the foreseeable future. 

AquaGuard does more than just quick fixes; we aim for long-term resolution of the fundamental issues leading to floor sagging, giving you a reliable and lasting solution to your bouncy floors. 

Why Address Bouncy Floors Now 

Addressing bouncy floors promptly is critical for several reasons: 

  • Safety: To minimize tripping hazards and maintain a safe household environment. 
  • Preventive Care: Prompt interventions can prevent small problems from escalating into major, costly repairs. 
  • Home Enjoyment: Remove irritating noises and unsettling movements for a more peaceful living space. 
  • Property Value: A stable foundation can greatly enhance your home’s resale value. 

AquaGuard’s specialized solutions are designed to outperform standard methods, focusing on the unique challenges that bouncy floors present, to provide the most effective outcome for your residence. 

Contact AquaGuard for Reliable Crawl Space Repair Solutions 

Don’t delay in addressing the problems associated with bouncy floors, as they will only worsen over time. Trust AquaGuard for top-tier solutions. With our precise diagnostics, tailored approaches, and experienced professionals, we’ll ensure your floors are solidly supported. 

Reach out to us today to schedule a free inspection and receive a no-obligation quote, reaffirming your confidence in your home’s stability. Our team is ready to support you every step of the way. 


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