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Moisture in Your Crawl Space

The crawl space plays a crucial role in your home, providing access to essential utilities and supporting your home’s structure. However, moisture in this area can lead to various problems, jeopardizing both your home’s condition and your family’s health. 

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we understand how to solve this problem. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been identifying and resolving crawl space issues, ensuring homes in North Georgia stay dry and functional. 

This page explores the causes and signs of moisture in your crawl space and how AquaGuard Foundation Solutions’ leading crawl space encapsulation techniques permanently resolve moisture issues in your crawl space. 

What Is Moisture in Your Crawl Space? 

Moisture in your crawl space includes any water present, whether from condensation, leaks, or high humidity levels. Crawl spaces naturally contain moisture due to their close contact with the ground.  

However, when the humidity level in a crawl space exceeds about 55%, it becomes a cause for concern. High humidity in the crawl space can lead to several issues, such as: 

Excessive moisture can seep into your living areas, creating an unhealthy indoor environment and weakening your home’s foundation. In North Georgia, where weather conditions can vary, maintaining a dry crawl space is crucial for protecting your home. 

What Causes Moisture in Your Crawl Space? 

There are various ways moisture can enter a crawl space. It’s essential to recognize these potential sources to prepare your home against the following challenges: 

  • Location: Positioned under your home, often with a dirt floor, crawl spaces are inherently prone to moisture, especially following heavy rainfall. 
  • Climate: North Georgia’s humid climate significantly contributes to moisture issues in crawl spaces. 
  • Open Vents and Structural Gaps: Open vents in crawl spaces invite outside moisture. Holes for pipes and cables also allow humid air entry. 
  • Condensation: Warm, humid air from outside increases humidity in the crawl space, causing condensation on cooler surfaces beneath your home. 
  • Water Leaks: Leaks in walls and vents allow rain and groundwater into the crawl space. 
  • Plumbing Problems: Plumbing leaks in the crawl space add extra moisture and elevate humidity levels. 
  • Surface Water: Poor drainage can cause rain and surface water to pool around the foundation, leading to water accumulation in the crawl space. 

Addressing these factors is crucial for the structural health of your home and the well-being of your family. 

Can You Fix Moisture in Your Crawl Space? 

Yes, issues with moisture in your crawl space are fixable. Addressing this problem is essential for ensuring safety and maintaining the structural integrity of your home. 

While some homeowners may consider a basic dehumidifier in the crawl space as a solution, we advise against self-repair attempts for crawl space issues, as they often provide only temporary and potentially hazardous fixes. 

At AquaGuard, we use leading strategies to tackle moisture at its source. With our crawl space encapsulation services, we’ll improve your home and make it a healthier place overall. 

How We Fix Moisture in Your Crawl Space 

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions employs the following essential steps to address moisture in your crawl space: 

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, our unique products are specifically designed to create drier, healthier crawl spaces. Our encapsulation systems incorporate advanced technology for long-term moisture control that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Why Address Moisture in Your Crawl Space Now 

Addressing moisture in your crawl space promptly is the best course of action for your home. Here’s why: 

  • Prevent Structural Damage: Moisture can weaken your home’s foundation and cause structural problems. Early intervention ensures the longevity of your property. 
  • Ensure a Healthy Living Environment: Since some of the air in your home comes from the crawl space, a moisture-free crawl space creates a healthier living space overall. 
  • Deter Pest Infestations: Damp areas are attractive to pests. Resolving moisture issues helps keep them at bay. 
  • Boost Energy Efficiency: A dry crawl space enhances insulation, leading to lower energy bills and saving you money

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions’ comprehensive and exclusive solutions are your best bet for complete home protection, offering a lasting resolution and peace of mind. 

Contact AquaGuard Foundation Solutions for Reliable Crawl Space Solutions 

Don’t let moisture in your crawl space compromise your home’s integrity and your family’s health. Trust AquaGuard Foundation Solutions to safeguard your home and enhance your living conditions. 

Our moisture solutions are specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges in your crawl space. We offer complete encapsulation systems that transform your crawl space into a clean, dry area. Contact us today to schedule a free crawl space inspection and protect your home! 


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