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Cracks in Basement Floor

If your basement floor looks like it’s just experienced an earthquake, there is a problem. Neglected floor cracks compromise the structural stability of your basement and provide an entry point for groundwater. 

AquaGuard possesses the know-how and the equipment necessary to tackle these cracks. Read on to discover insights into why basement floor cracks occur and how to effectively stop them. 

What Exactly Are Cracks in a Basement Floor? 

Cracks in a basement floor are defined as any division, rupture, or fissure in the concrete flooring. These cracks usually form when various pressures or forces displace the concrete. 

Not every crack automatically spells doom for your foundation but addressing them promptly is crucial to preventing foundation issues, and water damage, from arising. 

Why Cracks Appear in Basement Floors: Understanding the Causes 

A variety of factors contribute to the appearance and progression of cracks in your basement floor. Our skilled team will assist you in identifying these elements during an inspection: 

Concrete Contraction 

As fresh concrete dries, it may contract. If this contraction is uneven, cracks can form. These cracks are usually narrow and may not compromise structural integrity, but they can permit water infiltration if they go through the slab’s thickness. 

Ground Shifts 

The soil beneath your home can move due to fluctuating moisture levels, causing cracks over time. For example, heavy rainfall can lead to soil erosion underneath your foundation. As the soil deteriorates, your basement starts to settle, and the concrete flooring cracks accordingly. 

Also, certain soils expand when wet and contract when dry. If your home sits on such soil, these fluctuations result in basement floor cracks. 


Heavy items stored in the basement can add extra stress to the floor, leading to cracks. This is particularly true if the floor wasn’t engineered to handle such loads. 

Hydrostatic Pressure 

After rain or snow, water may accumulate under your basement floor and exert upward pressure. This causes cracks to widen over time, allowing moisture to enter your basement and further deteriorate the concrete. 

Determining the cause of your basement floor cracks is essential for choosing the right repair methods. With AquaGuard, you get solutions specifically tailored to combat these foundational issues! 

Can AquaGuard Fix Cracks in Basement Floors? 

Absolutely! Advanced techniques in basement repair mean you don’t have to replace the whole basement floor when cracks appear. 

Remember, the nature, location, pattern, and size of the cracks dictate how serious they are and what repairs are required. Our comprehensive inspection ensures you get the appropriate solution. 

AquaGuard’s Approach to Fixing Cracks in Basement Floors 

Our process is trusted by numerous homeowners across Georgia. Our meticulous attention to detail separates us from the rest. Here’s our strategy: 

1. Thorough Inspection 

We meticulously examine every crack, noting its size, location, pattern, and width. This helps us identify if factors like soil movement, hydrostatic pressure, or excessive loads are to blame. We also assess the surrounding soil conditions and overall state of the foundation. 

2. Weight Redirection Using Pier Systems 

If the ground under your basement shifts, causing the floor to sink or become uneven, we strategically place slab piers deep into stable, underground rock layers. 

These piers transfer the basement floor’s weight away from the unstable soil, elevating it back to a stable position for long-term reliability. 

3. Wall Repairs 

Cracks in the floor often share the same root causes as basement wall cracks. To tackle this, we offer various wall repair options, including: 

Each is designed to bear heavy loads and mitigate water intrusion and structural stress, both contributors to floor cracking. 

4. Interior Drain Installation 

To counter hydrostatic pressure and direct moisture away, we set up an internal drainage system. Together with a sump pump, this system continuously moves water away from your basement, preventing further damage. 

Our suite of solutions is customized to meet the specific needs of your basement. With nearly three decades of experience under our belt, we can ensure the longevity of your basement floor! 

Why to Address Floor Cracks Urgently 

Act swiftly to mend floor cracks before they evolve into significant foundational problems. The importance of timely action: 

  • Cracks may widen quickly under constant pressures. 
  • Expanding cracks increase the risk of water seepage, potentially causing mold and erosion. 
  • Ignoring cracks can result in sinking floors and structural issues. 
  • Delays in addressing the issue will result in costlier repairs, especially if water damage is also a factor. 

A secure foundation equals a stable home. Don’t turn a blind eye to floor cracks. With AquaGuard, get quick and efficient solutions that go beyond superficial patching to fortify your basement comprehensively. 

Contact AquaGuard for Expert Basement Floor Crack Solutions in Georgia 

If you notice cracks in your basement floor, don’t delay. Acting fast helps you steer clear of risks like structural instability and water damage. 

At AquaGuard, we utilize top-of-the-line techniques to repair existing cracks and strengthen your entire basement. Contact us for a free inspection to ensure your basement’s durability today! 


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