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Sinking Porch 

A front porch is a great spot for family gatherings and relaxation. However, when the porch begins to sink, it takes away from comfort and hurts your home’s appearance. 

Alarmingly, a sinking porch may indicate bigger concerns. Something is likely affecting your yard’s soil, potentially damaging other sections of your home if ignored. 

AquaGuard is the leading concrete repair company in Georgia, installing an innovative solution that provides a lasting fix. After reading this page, you’ll know why your porch is sinking in the first place, and what you can do about it. 

What Is a Sinking Porch? 

A sinking porch manifests as a discernible drop or shift in the porch’s level. Commonly, this arises from issues with the foundation or soil, potentially leading to cracks in the porch. 

Compromised porches can introduce hazards, like trip risks. Moreover, they can become the onset for broader home concerns such as foundational distress. 

Symptoms of a sinking porch can coincide with other concrete damages, including: 

Addressing these challenges urgently with professional guidance is vital for maintaining your home’s structural integrity. Reach out to AquaGuard at the earliest indication of these problems. 

Causes Behind a Sinking Porch 

Typically, porches sink when the underlying soil suffers damage. This might relate to climatic factors or construction practices. Here are frequent causes: 

  • Soil Disruption: Over time, some areas under the porch compact, while others remain stable. This uneven settlement often causes many sinking porches. 
  • Ground Erosion: Subsurface water movement can result in soil erosion, leading parts of the porch to lower. Incorrectly aligned gutters exacerbating erosion can exacerbate the issue. 
  • Temperature Shifts: Regular soil freezing and thawing, particularly in expandable soils, can prompt inconsistent settlement. 
  • Root Disruption: Trees extracting moisture near the porch’s base might cause uneven settlement. Root expansion can also exert pressure on the porch, weakening its foundation. 
  • Concrete Flaws: Inadequacies in concrete handling or curing can predispose it to breakages, shifting, or sinking due to poor foundational backup. 

Prompt intervention can deter further decline, safeguarding not just the porch but also your home’s foundation. Timely action streamlines lasting repair and fortification. 

Can You Repair a Sinking Porch? 

Absolutely, restoring a sinking porch is possible. It’s recommended to seek expert assistance to tackle root problems most efficiently. 

While DIY solutions might offer a temporary reprieve, they often fall short of ensuring a real solution to the problem. Techniques like mudjacking are generally not recommended. 

AquaGuard utilizes a proven proprietary technique that pinpoints fundamental problems, whether related to soil erosion or tree root disturbances. Our PolyRenewal™ foam injections are designed to accurately raise and stabilize a sinking concrete porch. 

Depending on the extent of damage and your home’s foundational makeup, we might also integrate other foundational repair techniques. 

Strategy for Reviving a Sinking Porch 

AquaGuard’s PolyRenewal™ system expertly raises and reinforces your concrete, eliminating the necessity for total replacement. Here’s an overview of the procedure: 

  • Conduct a detailed inspection to identify the root causes and determine the best solution and placement. 
  • Bore tiny holes into the affected sections of sidewalk. 
  • Place injection ports into these openings. 
  • Combine our exclusive two-component polymer foam to create PolyRenewal™. 
  • Inject the polyurethane foam under the sinking sidewalk. 
  • The foam quickly expands, fills gaps, lifts concrete to a safe level, and cures in about 15 minutes. 
  • This elevates the slab while stabilizing the soil below. 
  • Extract the injection ports and seal the holes. 
  • Ensure all cracks are sealed to prevent water ingress. 
  • Regularly inspect and maintain for prolonged durability. 

Our foam remedy revitalizes a sinking porch, surpassing conventional methods. Connect with AquaGuard in Georgia to explore this innovative solution’s advantages. 

Importance of Swiftly Tackling a Sinking Porch 

Beyond the immediate rectification of concrete repairs, there are enduring advantages. By addressing a sinking porch, you’ll benefit from: 

  • Immediate Safety Protocols: Sinking porches pose risks, especially to seniors or those with mobility issues. Lifting the porch reduces tripping dangers. 
  • Curtail Further Damage: Neglecting a sinking porch amplifies its degradation due to increased stress on the affected segment. Acting quick helps you avoid more damage and costlier repairs. 
  • Combat Water Intrusion: If the porch slopes towards your dwelling, water can deteriorate your home’s facade or seep into your basement. Water routing away from the home is essential. 
  • Preserve Property Value: Address visual defects and boost your property’s allure. Addressing a sinking porch assists in maintaining property worth. 
  • Reestablish Functionality: A sinking porch reduces its practical utility. Concrete elevation restores your porch’s functionality. 

AquaGuard’s unique solutions for sinking porches ensure a thorough and enduring fix. Our premium services outshine those from standard retailers or other providers. 

Contact AquaGuard for Reliable Concrete Lifting Solutions 

A slanting porch extends beyond mere visual issues. Entrust your porch’s rejuvenation to AquaGuard for superior concrete lifting solutions. Contact us for a free inspection and alleviate worries about your sinking porch. 

For over two decades, homeowners in Georgia have relied on us to refresh and secure their property’s concrete. We guarantee dependable, efficient, and durable outcomes every instance! 


*Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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